10 Best TV Shows and Movies Like Moon Knight

Fifth episode of Moon Knight was surprisingly very emotional and devastating as the series takes a step back into Marc Spector’s dark past. Several seeds were also sown for upcoming events. There’s a ton of excitement for the upcoming finale and where Moon Knight will go next in the MCU.

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Unfortunately, Moon Knight was classified as a limited series, so fans are unsure. However, according to THR, Kevin Feige has said that Moon Knight will be in movies after his show. In the meantime, and before its next appearance, fans have plenty of other great movies and shows to check out.


Triple Frontier

Oscar Isaac stars in the film as a former soldier who hires his friends as mercenaries to steal money from a drug cartel and features a star-studded cast that includes Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund.

The film details the ups and downs of a heist and plays with important themes such as greed and corruption. The entire cast has great chemistry and the action is shot well with high stakes. The film’s director, JC Chandor, has previously worked with Isaac on A year of the most violent, and his next project is Kraven the hunter.

The Mummy

Although other MCU shows have leaned into the supernatural, Moon Knight is unique for its emphasis on Egyptian mythology. In Ammit’s tomb, undead mummies attack Harrow’s crew and, later, Marc and Layla. The features the Scarab and other powerful Egyptian artifacts from Moon Knight comic books. For those looking for more Egyptian mysticism, there’s no better movie to watch than Stephen Sommers’ The Mummy.

Starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, the film is just a playful comeback adventure influenced by IndianaJones and the Universal Monsters movies that preceded it. To like Moon Knight, The Mummy features globetrotting action mixed with horror elements.


Loki wears Loki horns

In many ways, Moon Knight really leaned into the weirder side of Marvel. Phase 4 pushed the boundaries of MCU style, introducing clever things like sitcom style into Wanda Vision and the crazy atmosphere of TVA in Loki.

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Loki, in many ways has the same quirky sense of humor as Moon Knight. The layout and weird happenings at TVA are slightly reminiscent of Marc and Steven’s times in the hospital. Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, who directed episodes 2 and 4 of moon knight, are set to direct season 2 of Lokia great choice given their unique sci-fi background.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark Harrison Ford

Many moviegoers eagerly await Indiana Jones 5 in 2023, but the perfect film to follow Moon Knight is The Raiders of the Lost Ark. Like Marc, Indy embarks on an adventure across the world to find the legendary Ark of the Covenant before his nemesis, René Belloq, can unleash its power for evil.

The premise of the film is extremely similar in structure to Moon Knight. Led by a legendary performance by Harrison Ford, Raiders is the ultimate action-adventure movie to watch. While The Raiders of the Lost Ark mainly concerns Christian artifacts, it also has interesting references to Egyptian mythology.


Claire Foy in Unsane

Foolish is a chilling and truly harrowing psychological thriller filmed on an iPhone and designed to look claustrophobic. The film follows a woman who is stalked and tricked into signing a consent form that ends up putting her in a mental hospital. Once there, she finds her stalker working as a caregiver.

Featuring a stunning performance from Claire Foy, the film has a very similar feel to when Marc unexpectedly wakes up in the hospital and doesn’t know where the line between fiction and reality lies.

fight club

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt on a train in Fight Club

In how Marc disassociates and becomes Steven and then has to figure out everything he did in a runaway state, fight club is the same. fight club stars Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as two separate people/personalities living in the same body. However, just as Steven doesn’t know Marc, the narrator (Norton) is shocked when he discovers that Pitt’s Tyler Durden is actually a side of himself.

The back and forth between the characters is much like that of Marc and Steven’s interactions. The narrator and Steven Grant are similar in many ways, as they both struggle to stop or control the actions of their other half.

The Punisher

The Punisher stares at the camera in his signature outfit

When it comes to dark, gritty, and violent superhero shows, The Punisher fully delivers. Jon Bernthal is unforgettable in the title role as he goes against all crime in New York. Also Set In The MCU, Now Is A Perfect Time To Catch Up The Punisher now that it’s on Disney+.

Both Frank Castle and Marc Spector have a military background in common and both seek revenge after being left for dead or experiencing tragedy. The show does a great job of getting into Castle’s past and has some psychologically intense action and character moments.


Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie in Synchronic by Moorhead and Benson

After seeing the management of Moorhead and Benson in both Moon Knight episodes they directed, their previous work is definitely worth watching. Following their success infinityMoorhead and Benson were given a much larger budget to fully realize their creative vision with Synchronic.

Starring Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan, the film follows two paramedics who investigate mysterious deaths and disappearances linked to a drug that somehow transports the user back in time. The director duo’s stunning films made them a great fit for Moon Knight and, given their time travel experience with this movie, they will no doubt deliver a great second season for Loki.


James McAvoy Split

Oscar Isaac fully delivers his game when switching between the personalities of Marc and Steven in Moon Knight. Splithowever, sees James McAvoy switch between 24 different characters.

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James McAvoy delivers a versatile performance, although the film received its fair share of criticism for its defamatory depiction of a real medical issue. Regardless, Split remains one of Shyamalan’s most beloved films according to Metacritic.


David in a hovering plane in Legion.

Legion is by far one of the most unique pieces of media based on a Marvel property. The show follows Professor X’s son, David Haller, a powerful mutant, mistakenly diagnosed with schizophrenia and gifted with a set of mental abilities.

Brilliantly performed by Dan Stevens, the show has a unique visual design with very psychedelic visuals due to Haller’s heightened perception of reality. Like Steven Grant and Marc Spector, Haller is described as an unreliable narrator. Although only three seasons later, Legion bills itself as one of the best superhero television available.

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