10 Great Reality TV Shows Like Love In The Jungle

love in the jungle is an all-new reality series in its inaugural season on Discovery+. The series is a reality TV show that seeks to match a new couple, a conceit that has been popular in reality TV for almost as long as the genre has existed. In love in the jungleIn the case of , the matchmaking takes place in an isolated jungle environment, requiring its competitors to communicate as if they were animals, perform mating rituals, and communicate through growls.

This quirky concept may seem like it has no television equivalent that shares similar qualities. Although no show is identical, many of them share certain characteristics, and there are many other reality series whose fans love in the jungle can appreciate. These are great next steps for those looking for similar entertainment.


Naked dating

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VH1 Show Nude Dating

Naked dating is what you would expect from the title. The dating show takes two young singles looking for love, drops them in a tropical and exotic environment, takes their clothes, and gets them out and about getting to know each other naked. Three seasons of this show aired on VH1 in the mid-2010s, and while it may not have been a smash hit, one has to acknowledge the show’s interesting rules.

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The outdoor and tropical vibes the show gives off are similar to those of love in the jungleand both also concerning ordinary people looking for love, Naked dating should be a fun watch for those who enjoyed Love in the jungle.

Naked and scared

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A couple in the jungle in Naked and Afraid

Naked and scared has become one of the most beloved reality shows on TV, with thirteen seasons of the survival show airing since its inception in 2013. Although the show isn’t as much of a dating show as love in the junglethe premise of the show is that a man and a woman work together (naked) to survive together in the wild, and this has led to some flirting in the past.

For fans of love in the junglethe spin-off series Naked and scared of love may be closer, as it adds a romantic aspect to the show’s standard format. Similar to LITJAnimal Ritual Scenes, Lots of Clumsy, Grumpy Scenes Naked and scared scenes happened because they were alone and naked with a complete stranger.

the island of love

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Rykard puts his arm on Rachel's shoulders in Love Island UK season 2.

the island of love has been an international sensation, with a plethora of countries on several continents all airing their own editions of the show. USA was the latest to join the party, with the first season of their iteration airing on CBS in 2019. It shares the setting of dating in a tropical environment with LITJ, but is a much more conventional dating show otherwise.

There’s no shortage of drama or intrigue, as the UK edition spawned some of the most shocking UK reality contestants ever. More seasons are on the way, with new seasons of the US and UK versions coming to Peacock and ITV in summer 2022, respectively.


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Omar being rejected Survivor

For viewers looking for a grittier spectacle reminiscent of some of the LITJ, a classic like Survivor is a solid suggestion. Arguably the most recognizable reality show of all time with 42 seasons spanning over two decades having aired, Survivor is a great choice for those looking for outdoor survival skills demonstrated in reality competition.

Have dangerous and biting challenges on Survivor and forcing the contestants to survive with minimal help and supplies in an isolated environment is part of what makes the show so great, and there are also flirtatious moments and budding romances on occasion, which makes it a great option for LITJ Fans.

Man vs. Savage

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Man against Nature

Far from being a dating show, Man against Nature has some overlap with LITJ because of its setting. Starring 2010 internet meme celebrity Bear Grylls, the survival show dealt with Grylls surviving with the most basic tools and equipment in isolated and dangerous environments. It lasted for seven seasons.

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Although he was never forced to do mating dances or communicate with other humans through grunts like the castaways on LITJ, he was forced into daunting situations that would intrigue viewers who liked the dating show’s setting. With nearly 100 episodes, it’s sure to provide plenty of quality entertainment.

sexy beasts

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Sexy beasts season 1 cocktails CROPPED

For those who love LITJ for its crazy and unique dating show concept, sexy beasts is must-have television. The series attempts to remove the superficiality often depicted in real estate dating shows by first removing physical attraction from the equation, with all dates being performed while those involved wear elaborate, sometimes scary masks.

Netflix has stepped up its original reality programming game in recent years, with many of its latest reality productions filled with drama that keeps people glued to the screen, and Sexy beasts is no different. This in tandem with its wacky premise makes it a stylish transition from Love in the jungle.

Bachelor in Paradise

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Bachelor in Paradise

One of the most popular spinoffs of any reality show, Bachelor in Paradise takes the tried-and-true dating show format that has succeeded in the plethora of shows under the Bachelor Nation umbrella, and puts contestants in a beautiful place that well deserves to be described as paradise.

While the location of love in the jungle is more barren and wild than the beautiful sights of this show, they share the tropical domain. It also gave fans amazing moments Bachelor in Paradise couples who were great to watch making it a great show besides having a lot in common with LITJ,

Too hot to handle

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A group of shocked girls in Too Hot To Handle

Too hot to handle has become one of the hottest shows on Netflix, and has a decent amount in common with LITJ. Both shows are set in tropical locations and together release shows that seek to pair singles with a long-term match. Both also have an interesting twist, with Too hot to handleif there is no physical contact between singles.

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The series has already released three seasons, and more should be on the way. It’s been in the top ten most-watched shows on Netflix for many weekly periods, even rise to No. 1 on Netflix on certain occasions. Reality TV fans have become fond of it, making it a must watch for anyone looking for the sequel. Love in the jungle.

Boy’s Island

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CJ and Jarred FBoy Island

Continuing the theme of exotic locations and beach vibes, but with a quirky twist to make it unique, Fboy Island has established itself as one of the most self-aware dating series. The series features a trio of women navigating twenty-four men, half identifying as “fboys” and the other half as wholesome men looking for long-term romance.

While other dating show contestants can also be considered fboys, they play and act differently to avoid negative opinions towards them. At least this dating show exhibits some honesty. Despite this, some Boy’s Island contestants have become very popular on Instagram.

love off the grid

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love off the grid discovery+

Last but not least, love off the grid is a brand new show that viewers of love in the jungle should give it a shot. Also having its first air of the season in 2022, the dating show takes four city dwellers who enjoy spending time on the internet and using modern technology and pairs them with someone who lives unplugged from these advancements, also known as “off the grid”.

The seven-episode first season wrapped up in the winter to rave reviews from reality buffs. With the majority taking place in a sparsely populated forest, it has the lonely location vibes of love in the jungle.

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