10 Most Unexpected Deaths On TV Shows, According To Reddit

The second part of You better call Saul’season 6 will premiere on July 11, and it will finally see the return of Breaking Bad’s two main characters, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. From Hank Schrader to Jane Margolis, Heisenberg and Pinkman have witnessed many horrific deaths that have been as shocking to them as they are to most viewers. however, other series have also excelled in surprising audiences with unpredictable deaths.

Character deaths are always hard to watch, but there are some that are so well-written and so unexpected that audiences feel like they’ve been hit by a train. It’s hard to pull off a death-related storyline that drops multiple jaws, but some have taken to Reddit to share the deaths they mostly never saw coming.


Maes Hughes – Fullmetal Alchemist

Editor Logical_paradoxes mentioned “Maes Hughes. It’s a terrible day for the rain” and met many users who shared their deep sorrow at the departure of this beloved character. Most fans can agree that Hughes’ death was really hurtful as he was a character who came to do good to others throughout the anime.

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But what’s even more devastating about his death is the heartbreaking funeral scene that comes right after, where his loving daughter asks why her father is buried. This Editor spoke for many when he said “this is one of the few scenes that can make me bawl”.

Opie – Sons of Anarchy

Opie from the Sons of Anarchy series.

Sons of Anarchy is one of the best shows that didn’t win an Emmy, and it has a lot of hard-to-watch scenes. Still, none of them can come close to the devastating effect Opie’s death had on fans of the show. Editor wu_tareno commented “Opie. It still hurts man” and many agreed.

SwonRonson91 added, “Opie was my favorite character. I almost couldn’t watch after that,” which explains why many nearly dropped out of the show afterwards. For most viewers, from that point on, it was very painful to see how part of Jax died.

Rita Dexter

No one expected the most bloodthirsty, calculating, chilling, and smartest serial killer to be outdone by an even more methodical, sociopathic murderer (with the highest number of serial killer homicides on television) Dexter. That is why CDET commented “Rita” and stitchosour replied “I couldn’t move from my couch at the end of season four. His death caught me completely off guard.”

Everyone trusted Dexter to take out all the serial killers before they could take any more lives, especially his wife’s. That’s why it was an absolute shock when the Trinity Killer managed to murder Rita. Her character had always won the sympathy of viewers because she was a loving wife and a wonderful mother, so her death made many jaws drop.

Mr. Eko – Lost

Lost Mr. Eko

Editor hipships commented, “Mr. Eko on LOST. He was cool”, and indeed, he was one of the show’s most beloved characters. His sudden death was very unexpected and difficult for most fans to watch, and for some his death meant a huge drop in quality for the series.

The end of his life did not seem insignificant and the scene of his departure made him worthy as a character when emotional flashbacks appeared. They showed how loving and caring he was, and most importantly, they described what was most important to him – his sense of what was right was not shaken by his death.

Omar – The Wire

Omar's combat credentials and popularity make him an excellent choice for MultiVersus.

A deleted the user mentioned “Omar in the Wire” and was met by agray20938, who added, “I just finished watching the 5. It’s crazy how much sympathy you feel for Omar even though he’s a murderer who robs drug dealers.” It was a very good commentary to underline the great three-dimensionality for which the show is admired.

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Thread depicts how life is not black and white and that being glorious in certain aspects of life does not prevent anyone else from dying – let alone in a neighborhood that rots in social injustice and violence because of poverty and drug trafficking.

Zoe Barnes – House of Cards

Kata Mara as Zoe Barnes in House of Cards

Editor super_sayanything commented “Zoey House of Cards. Still a great show, but she really misses her”. Any fan who says they saw this scene coming is probably lying. Francis Underwood is one of TV’s most despicable villains, but his murder of Zoe exceeded all expectations of his evil limits.

It happens in seconds, it’s brutal and out of nowhere. Zoe’s death could be considered one of the most effective and successful plot twists in a TV series, and for sure, fans gasped and wondered what just happened. What viewers can learn from this death is not to ask the wrong person sensitive questions.

Oberyn Martell – Game of Thrones

HappyFir3 mentioned, “From Game of Thrones: Oberyn. He kicked so much ass BLAM no eyeballs for you. horror with Ellaria.

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Gregor Clegane, the Mountain, had great strength and gigantic size, but Oberyn was nimble and quick – the perfect combination of skills to win against a heavy and slow enemy. Oberyn could have won no questions asked, and the fans had already bought his victory. Unfortunately, his need to give a speech before killing Clegane led to him dying in a gruesome way that caught everyone off guard.

Eddard Stark – Game of Thrones

Ned Stark holding his greatsword in the green field

Patriarch Stark was another unexpected death that threw everyone off. Mattieohya said, “Eddard Stark. He was built using every hero trope you can think of. The honorable man defeating the suitors, then he’s done. After that moment, no character is safe”.

As the Redditor mentioned, Ned Stark’s death set the tone for the rest of the series. For an entire season, fans have watched the protagonist grow and gain all the traits and power to be the hero of the entire series. Since very few plays dare to kill a character who was introduced as the main character in this way, most did not predict his death. This led to the series being recognized as one of the top ten TV shows where the protagonist dies.

Robb and Catelyn Stark – Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Robb Stark

When we talk about game of thrones’ most unexpected deaths, no other comes close to the names mentioned by elâdle – “Rob and Catelyn Stark at the Red Wedding.” who granted Walder Frey a place among the most evil characters in Game of Thrones.

The Red Wedding stunned thousands of fans as it was absolutely unexpected, barbaric and ruthless. Rob being shot, pregnant Talisa being stabbed, and Catelyn having her throat slit made the scene too much to bear, but a happy ending in Westeros was just wishful thinking.

Hank Schrader – Breaking Bad

Hank in Breaking Bad season 5

Editor way_fairer commented, “Hank Schrader in breaking Bad.”, which is commonly referred to as one of the most heartbreaking scenes to ever occur in a television series. But a death as strong and devastating as this only suits the extremely compelling nature of Breaking Bad.

CrimsonPig added: “At least he had a kickass line before he left.” My name is ASAC Schrader, and you can go fuck yourself. “Which comforted some viewers. The truth is, most were as hurt and shocked as Walter was, with Bryan Cranston delivering an extraordinary performance when reacting to Hank’s death.

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