10 short peacock shows that are perfect for gorging on a long weekend

Binge-watching is apparently what every streaming service subscriber wants to do when looking to unwind at home, especially over a long weekend. While Netflix helped popularize the concept, other services offer just as many short shows worthy of a quick binge.

It may be one of the newer streaming services, but Peacock already has an impressive TV catalog. From their own new original series to NBC shows to plenty of shows they’ve acquired the rights to in the past, Peacock has a handful of delicious shows you can spend a weekend ending (at least until present for the series currently broadcast).


Wolf Like Me (2022–present)

Mary walks down the street in Wolf Like Me

Since it’s so new, Peacock is just getting started in the world of creating its own original content. One of the first attempts comes in the form of wolf like mewhich immediately stands out for the two strong leads, Isla Fisher and Josh Gad.

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The story follows a single father (Gad) who keeps getting into trouble with an advice columnist (Fisher). Both have emotional baggage and keep secrets, but the universe has to bring them together for a reason. The show has been praised for the genre aspects and a season 2 is on the horizon.

The Purge (2018-2019)

The blackboard from the Purge TV show

In 2013, The purge became a smash hit that went over budget and from there the franchise continued to grow. It spawned several mixed-reception sequels and a television series. Considering the premise of The purge is that for one night, all crime is legal, a show is the best way to go.

This provides more chances to tell the kind of absurd stories that would happen nationwide in this scenario. In fact, much of Season 1 sees characters with seemingly unrelated experiences on Purge night. The show only lasted two seasons but is filled with more of what fans of the movies love.

Dr. Death (2021)

Christopher running in Dr Death

Another Peacock original series is Dr. Death. Based on the podcast of the same name, this miniseries was somehow perfectly in line with another true story miniseries airing on Hulu, sick.

This one focuses on Christopher Duntsch, a surgeon famous for maiming and even killing some of his patients. Although not a huge commercial success, the series was widely praised for just about everything, but it was the cast that stood out. Joshua Jackson, Grace Gummer, AnnaSophia Robb, Christian Slater and many more shine here.

Required roughness (2011-2013)

Necessary harshness

Many shows that were originally on the USA Network are now available on Peacock. Necessary harshness fits those criteria and it’s one of the few series on this network that didn’t last that long. Indeed, there are a total of 38 binge-friendly episodes here.

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Necessary harshness tells the story of a psychiatrist (Callie Thorne) who starts working for a football team before becoming sought after by many high profile clients. Thorne earned a Golden Globe nomination for his efforts, and the series features a fun cast of characters to connect with.

Magic Town (2012-2013)

magic city olga kurylenko vertical

It is interesting to note that magic town can be found on Peacock since it was originally a Starz TV series. Those looking for it probably won’t be disappointed as it tells a gripping story and has the likes of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Olga Kurylenko.

The premise of magic town sees Evans (Morgan) strike a dangerous deal with a mob boss (Danny Huston) to ensure his lavish hotel achieves major success. Reviews were mixed when the show premiered, but many who found it on streaming platforms came to love it.

We are Lady Parts (2021-present)

The cast of We Are Lady Parts posing together

There is no doubt that the media needs more projects centered on female characters and Peacock understood that when they released We are lady parts. Set in the UK, the show tells the story of a punk rock band made up of Muslim women.

The show was nominated for several major awards, with designer Nida Manzoor winning the Emerging Talent Award from Rose d’Or. There are currently only six episodes, so it can be binged in a single day and you’ll be hooked on the likeable characters and their intriguing dynamics.

One of Us Lies (2021–present)

Simon, Cooper, Addy, Nate and Bronwyn in detention in One Of Us Is Lying

When it comes to binge-watching, it’s hard to top a good mystery. Fans begin to see a story unfold and discover the twists that make them want to play the next episode immediately. In this way, one of us is lying is an ideal watch on a weekend.

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Based on a novel of the same name, the story centers on a quartet of teenagers who reunite when they become suspects after a classmate dies in custody with them. It has a talented young cast, a great soundtrack, and twists that will continually shock you.

Girls5eva (2021–present)

Girls5eva ladies sing in the studio with headphones.

Yet another Peacock original series is Girls5eva, which relies on a wacky setup to deliver something fun. The titular Girls5eva was a one-hit pop group that came together to reform the group decades later after its trend.

Sara Bareilles, Paula Pell, Busy Phillips and Renée Elise Goldsberry play the band members and they have terrific chemistry that brings the comedy to life. Season 2 has just started, making it the perfect time to watch the hilarious first season.

Chucky (2021–present)

Zackary Arthur as Jake Wheeler in the Chucky TV series

In many ways, Peacock is home to shows that probably shouldn’t work but actually do. chucky is such a sight that the Child’s play the franchise was sort of dead just a few years ago. After the success of the late 80s, the sequels were not well received and the ones that critics liked were not major releases.

The 2019 reboot helped, but a show based on the serial killer doll felt like a stretch. It ended up being much better than expected, receiving praise for never taking itself too seriously, being creative, and featuring the absurd humor that comes when the franchise is at its best.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (2020-2021)

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Season 1

It’s always a shame that a show with such potential is canceled before its time. NBC unplugged Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist after just two seasons though it was well received and ended on a major cliffhanger. This is another show that shouldn’t have worked because the premise of a girl who can suddenly hear everyone’s thoughts in the form of musical numbers feels too goofy on paper.

However, the execution was spot on with memorable covers performed by the amazing cast. The show also featured some touching moments that brought viewers to tears more than they expected. Jane Levy was nominated for the Golden Globes and the series won an Emmy. After finishing the show, you can also watch the follow-up movie on Roku.

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