10 TV Shows That Ruled The World In Their Heyday, According To Reddit

Attracting nearly 10 million viewers, Dragon House immediately became HBO’s all-time premiere last month, and it’s no surprise the show has been everywhere lately. While he far surpassed the game of thrones premiering, it’s fair to say that the show is riding on the success of that series, so it remains to be seen if it can become a cultural phenomenon in the same way.

game of thrones however, is not the only series to have dominated the world in its heyday. Reality TV shows like Survivor and game shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to sitcoms like Friends and dramas like breaking Bad, all kinds of shows ended up becoming must-sees at the height of their popularity. These are Redditors’ picks of the shows that have dominated the world.


ten Survivor (2000–present)

While it continues to attract a large audience with its inherently entertaining concept of throwing a group of strangers into a remote location and asking them to complete challenges to survive, nothing will compare to the early seasons of Survivor. Audiences new to the formula and the incredible amount of drama and emotion the show could produce couldn’t help but discuss the show.

Editor OrangeTree81 was one user who experienced the popularity of those early seasons first hand and they added that “the contestants from the early seasons were household names”. Survivor made icons of its contestants in a way that few other reality shows have ever managed to achieve.

9 Dallas (1978-1991)

The 2012 dallas reboot had an impossible task trying to live up to the legacy of a soap opera that once captured the imagination of an entire nation with the tagline “Who Shot JR” in 1980. Perhaps in part because of the less successful reboot, Redditor MickSturbs think people underestimate the cultural impact of dallas.

They say they “don’t think people realize how popular Dallas was” and point out that people everywhere would skip everything they had just to catch the next episode of the Southern drama. Dallas retains a spot on Business InternThe list of the most-watched TV episodes of all time, demonstrating its almost unparalleled power to attract viewers at the time.

8 Friends (1994-2004)

Even compared to dramas and reality shows, sitcoms seem to have incredible power to bring audiences together and Friends is a great example. A high-profile reunion last year only confirmed that the series whose character names have become synonymous with different personality types still has a powerful appeal.

However, Redditor Zealousideal_Web8496 describes how the show was on a whole new level of popularity at its peak, remembering that on Thursday nights “you could always have shifts because nobody wanted to work” because they didn’t want to miss the show . Thanks to a simple premise and compact episodes that everyone could get into, few could resist the lure of Friends.

seven I love Lucia (1951-1957)

At a time when there were far fewer choices when it came to watching TV, i love lucy took the opportunity to become the sitcom that defined a generation. Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as loving couple Lucy and Ricky, Vulture reports that the show once occupied nearly 72% of U.S. TV-owning households with the episode “Lucy Goes to the Hospital”.

Editor Darwins_Dogbasis for considering i love lucy being a true world champion isn’t a number, however, as they say, “The show wasn’t just popular, Lucille Ball actually had a lot of power in the industry.” Most famously, Ball helped bring the shows Impossible mission and star trek bear fruit thanks to the influence that i love lucy won it.

6 Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

With even the finale of its spin-off show You better call Saul become one of the TV events of the year, it is a testament to how breaking Bad dominated TV series in the 2010s. Critically acclaimed and filled with incredibly memorable episodes, it’s no surprise that this was a show people wanted to discuss at all times.

What is interesting is the role the Internet must have played in this. Editor Mriamsosmrt notes that “I had never seen a show before that created so many memes” and remained so “relevant in pop culture”. With iconic lines from the show that fit into internet culture, breaking Bad became a show everyone knew about even if they had never watched an episode.

5 Lost (2004-2010)

Although ending on one of the most hated series finales of all time somewhat tarnished its legacy, those who were part of the phenomenon that was LostThe original series knows how the show has become a national obsession. Editor Lincoln_Park_Pirate thinks the show ruled the world because “the amount of fan theories, conspiracies, spoilers” surrounding the show was outstanding.

They explain that “people were separating each episode” in a way that was simply unprecedented in the history of television. A show about a band stranded by a plane crash became the source of mysteries everyone wanted answered. To illustrate how important that was, others pointed to the moment Obama moved a national address so as not to conflict with the show, which was reported in New York Daily News.

4 Seinfeld (1989-1998)

Before Friends become a global sensation, another show about the everyday lives of quirky characters had already proven that sitcoms could take over the world. Becoming a favorite among critics and reigning over the ratings for several years, Seinfeld is easily one of the most influential television shows of the 90s.

A Editor touted the show as one of the greatest of all time and noted how lucrative the show became during its heyday when NBC offered huge sums of money for Jerry Seinfeld to do another season “and he refuse”. Very few shows can afford to end at the height of their appeal, but Seinfeld was powerful enough to quit when it was one of TV’s greatest shows.

3 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (2002-)

Game shows have the power to engage audiences in a way that few scripted dramas can manage and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire exploited this to become a global sensation in the early 2000s. With the simple premise that a random person can get rich just by answering trivial questions, the show first took off in the UK before being shipped worldwide.

Editor StoolToad9 introduced the show by saying “when this came out, everyone was talking about it”. With iconic lines like “Do you want to call a friend?” becoming part of everyday conversation, there aren’t many game shows that can claim to have become a cultural touchstone so quickly.

2 The Simpsons (1989–present)

One of the world’s most recognizable TV families, The simpsons are icons, and no matter what critics think of their final seasons, this is a show with an incredible legacy. There was no shortage of Redditors suggesting the animated sitcom as a show that once ruled the world, but Galwegian makes it one of the simplest and best arguments.

They comment “Jesus. It was everywhere.” The broad appeal of the Yellow Nuclear Family has allowed them to sell toys to children while being smart enough to allow adults to openly quote the show and laugh together. With even the song Do the Bartman becoming a hit in the ’90s, there’s not much the show failed to do.

1 Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Even a final season that massively disappointed a lot of the show’s fans didn’t stop its spin-off from being one of the highest-profile releases of the year. Three years later game of thrones came to an end, fans missed having a large-scale fantasy series full of shocking twists and turns to discuss.

As Redditor Aussenminister he says, the show “ruled the internet for almost a decade”. Every time a new season aired, talk, memes, and, inevitably, spoilers dominated the online space in a way that almost no other show has managed. Although it is impossible to compare pre-internet broadcasts, game of thrones was one of the kings of the internet age.

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