10 TV Shows To Watch If You Like Arcane

League of Legends has been a popular franchise in the video game industry for several years, hence the arrival in 2021 of the animated series Esoteric was eagerly awaited but with well-founded expectations. However, the first series quickly became a huge hit, earning rave reviews everywhere with everything being praised, from the art style and animation, to the cast and character development, not to mention the captivating story.

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Riot Games and Fortiche have created a masterpiece, with eyes now firmly on what they can possibly do to capitalize on their success in the future. In the excruciating wait for the second season, there are plenty of TV shows that can help fill that void, even if they don’t necessarily tick all the boxes and combine all the aspects that make Esoteric so watchable.

ten The dragon prince also shows his rich world building

The Dragon Princes and Rayla

Originally published in 2018, The Dragon Prince is considered one of Netflix’s best anime series, despite EsotericThe finish of essentially steals his crown. When half-brothers Callum and Ezran team up with an elf named Rayla to care for an egg containing the titular dragon prince, the group is given the opportunity to potentially stop a future conflict.

The idea of ​​desperately seeking alternatives in order to avoid unnecessary wars and destruction is a theme that is also consistent with Esoteric, particularly shown by Jayce as he struggles to do what is seen as the right thing. The Dragon Prince is rich in fantastic lore and its expansive world-building, which League of Legends and Esoteric fans can also tag themselves.

9 Carnival Row deals with a similar issue of class division and general discrimination

Despite the obvious differences between Carnival Row from Amazon Prime and Esoteric Given that the former is a live-action series and the latter is animated, both shows are similar in their steampunk settings and issues rooted in discrimination and class division.

Carnival Row explores this class divide and discrimination against people and magical creatures, while investigating a murder, giving it the political, criminal, mysterious and fantastical aspects that make the series what it is. With Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, Carnival Row is not necessarily as captivating as Esotericbut it still has exemplary worldbuilding and character development.

8 Dota: Dragon’s Blood is another MOBA video game adaptation

Dota: Dragon’s Blood is another Netflix anime adaptation of a popular video game, dota, which is a MOBA like League of Legends. The worlds and lore of these games are so rich and detailed that it’s no surprise that serial adaptations have been formed from both.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood draws similarities with The Dragon Prince and Castlevania with its fantastic landscapes and creative designs, but can also be enjoyed by Esoteric fans, with its gripping action scenes and awesome world-building. It even features voice actors Yuri Lowenthal, Josh Keaton and JB Blanc, who voice Mylo, Deckard and Vander respectively in Esoteric.

seven Into The Badlands brings martial arts to a post-apocalyptic world

Magnus in Into the Badlands

In the Badlands is an amalgamation of several genres into one controlled yet chaotic package, with its post-apocalyptic world set in a future that has almost reverted to the old, with martial arts driving the fight scenes.

Its fierce fight scenes and overall tension draw comparisons to Esoteric, with a similar visual flair certainly belonging to both shows. In the Badlands also has its underlying story of oppression under an unjust ruler, the Barons in this case, with minor parallels to the Piltover & Zaun relationship. Those who liked the action sequences of Esoteric should definitely check In the Badlands.

6 What if…? Brings a lot of twists to the MCU

Captain Carter smiles and throws a thumbs up

Very few shows can compete Esotericanimation quality and attention to detail, and What if…? is not necessarily one of those privileged ones. However, what the MCU animated series shows is innovation in drastically altering its storylines and characters through multiverse justification.

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These twists on what viewers already know to be real provide a largely new, unique, and enjoyable experience. Although these surprises are not necessarily as heartbreaking as those of Esoteric, some are still emotional enough for viewers to care about the characters.

5 Castlevania is another stellar adaptation of a video game franchise

Castlevania Anatomy: Five Weird and Gross Facts About Dracula's Body

When considering other successful western anime series, Castlevania will often end up at the top of this list. As another example of a successful video game adaptation available to stream on Netflix, Castlevania likes its own dark, graphic tone, with a leaning more towards the horror genre than Esoteric, but its character build and storytelling are still captivating on their own.

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Like Esoteric, Castlevania has a stellar cast of voice actors, even including Toks Olagundoye and JB Blanc of Esoteric, and that only makes the characters more believable and relatable, despite the fantasy world they find themselves in. Exploring the complex world of Dracula, other vampires and those who oppose it is a brutal but fun experience, making Castlevania a must watch.

4 Blood Of Zeus is another action-packed anime series on Netflix

Zeus follows the advice of Hephaestus

With an animation style reminiscent of Netflix Castlevania adaptation thanks to Powerhouse Animation, Blood of Zeus, formerly known as gods and heroes, plunges into the world of Greek mythology. It’s an action-packed fantasy adventure that fans of Esoteric and Castlevania will enjoy and probably enjoy.

While the characters aren’t as complex or as heavily constructed as those in Esoteric, the premise of Heron, the son of Zeus, trying to save both Earth and Olympus is easy enough to follow and entertaining enough to enjoy.

3 Shadow And Bone is another series with a strong female lead character.

shadow and bone

Shadow and Bones, based on two book series set in the vast Grishaverse created by author Leigh Bardugois, is another series that has made its way to Netflix in 2021. It’s a fantasy adventure full of mystery and intrigue, with a strong female role in Alina Starkov, played by Jessie Mei Li.

While Esoteric love its strong female characters as well, both shows also share their stellar fight scenes and choreography, which complement their storylines and character builds perfectly.

2 Love, Death + Robots plays with many different animation styles, themes and stories

Love Death Robots Three Featured Robots

Love, Death + Robots is one of the most unique TV series that can be found on Netflix. The series consists of biting episodes under 20 minutes that each have their own cast and crew, although some episodes share some crew members. Each episode experiments with different animation styles and artistic productions while trying to refer to the three titular themes of love, death, and robots, or any combination of the three.

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For those who enjoyed the visual aspects of Esoteric, with its incredibly detailed animation, there will be a few episodes of Love, Death + Robots it will be more engaging than others, but for the short episodes, it’s definitely worth watching them all.

1 Invincible was another amazing series released in 2021

invincible omni-man glare

Like Esoteric, Invincible was also released in 2021, and it also garnered rave reviews. Based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley, the Amazon Prime series takes an approach to the superhero genre that’s perhaps more comparable to The boys that the mcu.

While apparently nothing like Esoteric on the surface, Invincible features a family that doesn’t always agree, with shocking twists that might surprise any viewer, two aspects that Esoteric is particularly known for.

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