10 TV Shows To Watch If You Like Kevin Can Fuck Himself

Many audiences want to see more TV series featuring women and stories that subvert the conventions of their genres. Kevin can fuck himself is a TV show that does both of those things as it subverts elements of the sitcom genre and tells a female-centric story, showing what Allison’s (played by Annie Murphy) life is like when she’s not playing the part. from the stereotypical sitcom Wife.

As fans watch the second and final season of Kevin can fuck himself, there are other series that they can also watch and enjoy. These other series are similar in their focus on complex, female-focused stories, the way they cleverly manipulate the conventions of their respective genres, or the inclusion of Annie Murphy.


Wanda Vision

On the surface, sitcoms offer light-hearted, funny, and heartwarming stories. Wanda Vision and Kevin can fuck himself dig beneath that surface, using the tropes of the genre in a weird and powerful way. The stereotypical woman from the sitcom becomes the focus of both stories instead of just being the butt of many sexist jokes.

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Both shows have different reasons for manipulating what audiences expect from the sitcom genre, but both subvert the genre in fascinating, unsettling, thought-provoking, surprising, and sometimes downright funny ways.

dead to me

Those who appreciate Allison and Patty’s friendship in Kevin can fuck himself will also benefit from Jen and Judy’s friendship in dead to me. Both series feature women who have been abused, manipulated, and taken for granted by the men in their lives.

Through the unlikely friendships they form with each other, these women refuse to further compromise their dreams and identity for the men in their lives. Both series are dark comedies that deal with murder and sometimes have absurd moments, but both are ultimately grounded in the heart and the development of female friendships that drive the story.

Kill Eve

There are parallels between Allison and Patty’s unlikely, complex and sometimes volatile relationship and Eve and Villanelle’s relationship in Kill Eve. In many ways, Allison is also a combination of Eve and Villanelle. Like Eve, she is dissatisfied with her life and her marriage – although for different reasons – and longs for a more exciting, daring and free existence.

As they break away from the lives they once knew, Eve and Allison discover a cruelty and audacity they never knew they had within. Allison is also like Villanelle in the value she places on her relationship with another woman (Eve for Villanelle and Patty for Allison) and the emotional dependency placed on that relationship, not to mention the sometimes playful, yet fierce nature of her personalities. Villanelle and Allison.

Schitt’s Creek

Those who want to see more of Annie Murphy’s acting after watching her gripping performance as Allison should check it out. Schitt’s Creek. Murphy is best known for playing the role of Alexis Rose throughout the show’s 6 seasons.

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The many differences between Allison and Alexis demonstrate Murphy’s talent and range as an actor. She brings distinct comedic chops to both roles that match the tone of each series. It’s through her stellar acting that audiences can buy into the rich character development of Allison and Alexis.

The stewardess

Just as most viewers have associated Annie Murphy with comedy Schitt’s Creek before seeing her Kevin can fuck himselfmost viewers associated Kaley Cuoco with the comedy The Big Bang Theory before seeing her The stewardess. Cuoco imbues Cassie’s character with a certain comedy while delivering a nuanced performance.

The stewardess and Kevin can fuck himself aren’t afraid to explore women who are “messy” and don’t fit the archetypes of TV’s main female characters. Allison and Cassie have flaws that make them feel like genuine and relatable characters. They find themselves in worlds where they feel like they don’t belong, but they manage to find their way there, while growing as characters.

Russian doll

Russian doll tells the story of Nadia, a character stuck in a loop of experiencing the same events over and over again, which always culminates in her dying and waking up to relive the same events over and over again. Allison may not be literally experiencing a loop like this in Kevin can fuck himselfbut it certainly feels like every day is the same joyless existence where she feels like Kevin is the only one that matters.

Just like Nadia has to come out of the loop in Russian doll, Allison realizes that she needs to get out of the loop she lives in. As if that parallel wasn’t reason enough to watch, the mysterious second season of Russian doll also features Annie Murphy.


As Kevin can fuck himself, hacks is able to perfectly balance his humor and his exploration of more serious subjects. In addition to this tonal similarity, there is the relationship at the heart of each show.

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The dark mentorship that legendary comedian Deborah Vance forms with comedian Ava Daniels mirrors Allison and Patty’s relationship in some ways. The women in each of these relationships help each other grow, but there is also an undeniable level of toxicity in these relationships.

black mirror

Many of the best black mirror the episodes defy audience expectations and reveal that all is not as it seems. This is also the case in Kevin can fuck himself through the contrast of the sitcom starring Kevin and the reality that Allison experiences. A black mirror episode somewhat similar to this is “USS Callister” through the contrast of Robert Daly’s real life and the world he created aboard the fictional USS calliste.

However, the black mirror episode that will resonate most strongly with fans of Kevin can fuck himself is “nose dive”. The episode deals with impossible societal expectations and pressures through the lens of Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Lacie. No matter how perfect Lacie tries to be and no matter what she does, it’s never good enough, which is very similar to what Allison goes through in Kevin can fuck himselfeventually pushing Lacie and Allison to release breakpoints.

BoJack Rider

BoJack Rider and Kevin can fuck himself are two dark comedies that examine uncomfortable truths about the sitcom genre. Kevin can fuck himself does so by confronting the sexism and misogyny inherent in most sitcoms. BoJack Rider does so by exploring what life looks like years later for the sitcom stars after their days of glory and fame are long gone.

Most people don’t want to think about the problematic humor of many sitcoms and the dark path that many sitcom stars take off-screen, but these two shows fearlessly explore these topics in thoughtful, heartfelt, and surprisingly funny ways.

The boys

Although it is called The boys, this series features many complex female characters whose stories explore how women are unfairly and superficially portrayed in the media, particularly when it comes to the superhero genre. In this way and many others, The boys consistently subverts tropes of the superhero genre in equally shocking, powerful, and hilarious ways.

Allison and Patty fans will also love Starlight/Annie characters Maeve and Kimiko. There are a number of parallels in the development of Patty and Allison’s relationship to Annie and Maeve’s relationship. Patty initially takes pity on Allison and Mave initially takes pity on Annie, but Patty and Maeve are ultimately inspired by these women, and they develop a mutually reinforcing friendship.

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