10 Warner Bros. Movies and TV Shows New CEO David Zaslav has been removed so far

David Zaslav is the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery since the two companies merged in April, and during that time he has made many controversial decisions, such as canceling Scoob 2 and bat girl. The CEO is cleaning up, cracking down on overspending, and canceling some projects that had been in development since before the merger, including those that have already been completed.

Zaslav has the power to cancel shows on The CW, HBO, and HBO Max projects, and anything Warner Bros., and he’s done just that. There have been so many cancellations that the last few months have been jokingly dubbed The Ax of Zaslav. These projects do not represent all of Zaslav’s casualties, as others have been canceled since April. And that made some people worried about the future.



JJ Abrams on set.

Director JJ Abrams has plenty of exciting projects to come, whether it’s a Gate film adaptation or his long-awaited Superman movie. Demimonde was also one of those projects, which had been a sci-fi series in the works for over four years. But Zaslav canceled the sci-fi show in June. Since Zaslav focused on cutting costs wherever possible, this was a big saving because, according to Colliderthe show needed a budget of $200 million.

It’s also not the only Abrams-related show that’s in trouble, as his production company, Bad Robot, failed to deliver on its $250 million deal with Warner Bros. in 2019. According to The Hollywood ReporterZaslav is “frustrated” with the company’s lack of production despite having the right to Constantine and Mrs X.


Michaela, Maggie, Mel on Charmed

Charm is a reboot of the hugely successful 2000s show of the same name, but the new iteration of the fantasy series didn’t land as well with viewers. The show was canceled in May, and it was one of many CW series to be canceled in a huge announcement that must have been extremely disappointing for fans. But it might have been the best, as some think it’s one of the worst TV show reboots of all time.

The show still had a great run though, as it ran for four seasons, and there were nearly 20 episodes per season, which is almost unheard of by today’s standards for six- to nine-episode limited series. It even wrapped everything perfectly, as it tied into the original series with an epic multiverse ending.

Roswell: New Mexico

Roswell New Mexico

just like Charm, Roswell: New Mexico is also a reboot, but it was still weird that WB chose to reboot the show in the first place. The original was never so well received or popular in the first place, and the reboot, sadly, didn’t improve on the premise of supernatural teen alien drama, as it has a low 6.1 on IMDb. In the same Charm announcement, it was revealed that New Mexico was not renewed.

It’s almost as if the studio is repeating the same mistake with blade runner. Although the original was a cult classic, it bombed at the box office in 1982, but the studio still greenlit an R-rated sequel to the film 30 years later and gave it a $200 million budget. dollars. Unsurprisingly, although he’s awesome, Blade Runner 2049 bombarded. The Roswell franchise has an almost identical story.


Caludett wears a floral dress inside on 4400

4400 is yet another reboot of a successful series from the 2000s, and it’s always felt odd to reboot a mystery series that’s been wrapped up and the mystery solved. Zaslav seemed to think so too, because TV line reported that it had been canceled in May.

4400 episodes aired weekly on The CW, and it did exceptionally low numbers, because, according to Daily Showbuzz, the season finale drew less than 250,000 viewers, so it’s no surprise the plug was pulled. The show is one of WB’s biggest failures, as it was canceled after just one season of 13 episodes.


Naomi stands alongside Anthony in the series

Noemie was a brand new show that premiered earlier this year, but despite great critical reception, the show was canceled in May. However, what makes NoemieCancellation is more interesting than the rest, it is the force behind it. The show was directed by Ava DuVernay, so it seems no one is safe from Zaslav’s axe.

And, again, the show was only one season long and the announcement came just a week after the final episode aired. It’s the closest thing to a CW show being canceled mid-production, which has unfortunately happened to many shows, and the final episodes never aired. It’s also not the only Arrowverse show to be canceled this year, as both Legends of tomorrow and batman were also cancelled.

The Wonderful Twins

The Wonderful Twins is a team of DC superheroes, and the duo can transform into any water and animal form they choose. And black adam writer Adam Sztykiel was attached to write the script. The project was announced as recently as February this year, but there were still two months to go before the merger. And as soon as it happened, it was immediately canceled.

It’s a wonder how the project has even made it to the development stage, especially since it’s not very well known of a property and there are so many other better known DC characters who aren’t. have yet to make their big screen debut. The movie was reportedly canceled due to its $75 million budget, which isn’t actually that high for a superhero movie, and the studio thought it was too risky.

Raised by wolves

Hunter and father in Raised By Wolves

Raised by wolves is two full seasons, is incredibly critically acclaimed, and the first two episodes were directed by Ridley Scott. If that name doesn’t lend prestige to the streaming show, nothing does. The series is one of the weirdest TV shows ever, as it follows two androids trying to control human beliefs on a mysterious planet. But, unfortunately, it was abruptly canceled in June.

Although it is not clear how much Raised by wolves production cost, it looks like a blockbuster movie, and that has to come at a price. Zaslav had to weigh the cost of production against the audience and simply concluded that it wasn’t worth it. Just as the studio head quietly pulled six movies from HBO Max even though they are finished movies, it costs the streamer too much to host them, and there’s no point if no one is watching them.

In the dark

In Dark Season 2 Key Art

In the dark had an interesting premise, as it followed a blind woman who set out to solve the murder of her best friend. But the show started to suffer when the crime was solved, as the show had nowhere to go, but it still succeeded enough to greenlight more seasons.

This problem happens to the best shows, even twin peaks, but after four seasons, the ax was finally dropped in May. The fourth season is not even finished yet, but the episodes are still released. And with three episodes to go, creator Corinne Kingsbury promises a satisfying ending, as the final episode was redone to avoid a cliffhanger ending.

Scoob 2: The Holiday Haunt

Shaggy and Scooby in The Falcon Fury at Scoob

In what comes as a huge shock, Zaslav canceled the release of Scoob 2: The Holiday Haunt, which was already in post-production and was slated for release in December 2022. While it might seem ridiculous to cancel the release of a film when it’s nearly finished, to market a film and release it in theaters usually costs as much as the production budget. So the studio has so little confidence in him that they think it would be safer to mark him as a write-off.

It’s hard to understand how much Scoob was, as its theatrical release was postponed due to COVID-19, but it got a limited release later. The film has grossed $27 million worldwide, which is pennies on the dollar when it comes to its $90 million budget. However, while that doesn’t matter much, it went straight to video-on-demand and, according to The Hollywood Reporterit was the third most popular VOD film during the pandemic.

bat girl

Leslie Grace shares how she felt wearing a Batgirl costume for the first time

In the same way Scoob 2it was also reported that the project is nearing completion bat girl would be set aside. The original plan was for the role of Leslie Grace bat girl to go straight to HBO Max, and, earlier in the year, there were rumors that it would get a theatrical release, meaning the studio was apparently happy with the film. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as it’s not just about skipping theaters, it’s also skipping streaming services.

But the bat girl maybe the cancellation doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie. This could mean that Zaslav and co. I just want to go in a different direction with the DCEU rather than confuse the general public more. Publish a DCEU bat girl doesn’t make much sense if Zaslav is looking for his own Kevin Feige-type figure to rule the universe. And, if nothing else, it greatly increases Superman’s chances of a comeback. Either way, it’s a $90 million loss for Warner Bros., minus the tax breaks, of course.

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