15 Comedians Whose TV Shows Just Didn’t Work

Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn – super nerd (2000)

Tracy Baird and Troy Miller

We think that would have been pretty awesome.

The comedians created and filmed a pilot for Comedy Central, but passed it on. He (reportedly) played Oswalt as the manager of a comic book store with Posehn as his best friend who hangs around all day.

Oswalt and Posehn recruited a comrade Mr. Show almuni and Sarah Silverman to play supporting roles, but Comedy Central just didn’t want it back.

The Sklar Brothers – 2F apartment (1997)


This identical twin chemistry is undeniable, however.

At the time, they’d appeared on a ton of network sitcoms, so MTV gave comedy duo The Sklar Brothers a series about their New York getaways.

Many thought it was an odd mix of sketch, stand-up, and sitcom (perhaps it was just ahead of its time), and the short-lived series only aired from July to November 1997.

They even invited comedians Zach Galifianakis, Stephen Colbert, Bill Burr and Amy Poehler in the 11 episodes broadcast, but for some insane reason, it just didn’t take.

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Top image: Warner Bros. Television.

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