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Today’s Final Jeopardy question (08/04/2022) in the category “19th Century Literature” was:

The Strand Union workshop, whose rules prohibited second servings of food, inspired a setting in this 1838 novel

3x champ Mattea Gardon, a tutor from Toronto, Ontario, has now won $80,400. In game 4, his competitors are: Tom Nucum, a real estate agent from Baltimore, MD; and Abigail Davisa college administrator from Clarksville, GA.

Round 1 Categories: Television – Multiple Meanings – Potpourri – Pulitzer Winning Characters – Bean There – Done That

Abigail has found the Jeopardy! Round Daily Double in “Pulitzer-Winning Characters” below the $800 hint, with only one hint remaining after. She was in second place with $1,600, $4,800 less than Mattea’s lead. She went for a true Daily Double even though the $600 index had just baffled everyone. Abigail thought it was “Biloxi Blues” but it was WRONG.

Aaronow & Moss, real estate salespeople (1984) Pin up


Mattea finished top with $7,400. Tom was second with $200 and Abigail was last with zero. All clues have been shown.

Round 2 categories: There’s no century like the 17th century – What kind of place is it? – Norse mythology – Writing – It’s a life – R&B music – “Em” power

Mattea found the first Daily Double in “What Kind of Place is This” under $1,200 on the 8th pick. According to Mayim, Mattea had “a dominating lead”. I’ll say… She had $12,200, $12,000 more than Tom in second place. Mattea said she wanted to hold onto that dominant lead at this point and bet $2,000 cautiously. This turned out to be a good thing because his Peoria guess was FALSE.

Smaller than it looks, this Illinois location was designated the “Home of Superman” in 1972. Pin up


Tom got the last Daily Double in “Writing” under $1,600, with 8 clues left after that. In second place with $3,000, he was $14,000 short of Mattea’s lead. Tom bet it all and shot in pain. It was FALSE.

Screenwriters, you could do worse than follow screenplay guru Syd Field’s Checkpoint #4 – “All drama is” that type of struggle. Pin up


Mattea finished on top with a runaway of $22,200. Abigail was next with $3,600 and Tom was in third place with $400. All clues have been shown.

ALL contestants got Final Jeopardy! to the right.


You may never have read Dicken’s 1838 classic about the poor orphan named Oliver Twist, but you probably know some of the details. “Please, sir, I want more,” Oliver’s pitiful plea for more porridge to Bumble the beadle, may be high on this list, if not top.

The Strand Union workshop is said to have been an inspiration to Dickens as he lived nearby twice, the last time he was writing ‘Oliver Twist’. The building made headlines several years ago when it was going to be transformed into luxury apartments. Ham & High has a fun article on the matter, where they say you might have to “pick up a pocket or two” if you want to live there.

Tom bet $100.00 and finished with $500.00.

Abigail bet $2,500 and finished with $6,100

Mattea bet $2,000 and won today’s Jeopardy! game with $24,200. His 4-day total is $104,600. As Mayim said, Mattea is well placed for a possible place in the Tournament of Champions. In fact, at $115,100, Jackie Kelly is still the top 4-day winner. We will have to wait until Monday to find out if Mattea makes this important leap and wins 5 games. Ken Jennings will be back on Monday so it’s TTFN in Mayim, much to the relief of some and the chagrin of others.

A triple stumper from each round:

PULITZER WINNING CHARACTERS ($600) Scoop Rosenbaum & Heidi Holland (1989)

WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS IT? ($800) Faulkner titled a novel after this type of small town like Pottersville, New York

More clues on page 2

2 years ago: Only ONE of the players got this FJ in “Historic Americans”

In 1904, this Hungarian-born newspaper publisher wrote: “Our republic and its press will rise or fall together”. Pin up



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