4 Controversial K-pop Shows That Got In Trouble Over Vote Rigging

The South Korean entertainment industry has found itself in hot soup countless times due to scandals involving controversial K-pop shows. There have been times when producers have rigged votes to choose winners, using the public as a front for their fraudulent actions.

The most recent instance of a controversial K-pop show would be the ongoing vote for the MAMA Award. MAMA has released a statement stating that unfair means are being used by some groups to bot the results and a discord server full of fans using bots to vote for their groups has been revealed.

The groups included in this list were IVE, DREAMCATCHER, LOONA, Kep1er and Brave Girls who suddenly saw an erratic increase in their votes.

This is not the only case of vote rigging this year. For 2022 Music Genius AwardBLACKPINK fans also used unfair methods to vote for the group, and when discovered, their fraudulent votes were removed.

Finding MOMOLAND and 3 other controversial K-pop shows that were called out for their vote rigging

1) The Produce Series

everyone knows that the product series is already rigged from the beginning, but now our idols must suffer from it and the investigation has just started at the end of the year? and instead of blaming the REAL criminals, you all had to blame the members who literally had no idea? give sense

The Produce Series is one of the most controversial K-pop shows in the industry, which makes netizens hate the concept of reality shows.

The final composition of Produce X 101 was heavily criticized when a police investigation revealed that the results had been manipulated and the two to three contestants who should have made up the X1 group were eliminated by the show’s producers. There were audio recordings as evidence that supported the allegation.

This caused the police to look into the results of previous seasons of Produce 101 as good as produce 48. It was later revealed that all members of the groups formed by these reality shows were chosen by Ahn Joon-young PD and Kim Yong-bum CP, who were both imprisoned for their involvement.

2) Finding MOMOLAND

momoland had to pay 70 million won ($60,000) to debut and never get paid even after the success of bboom bboom. “Finding Momoland” was faked and MLD had been hiding Daisy for almost a year now without explaining. MLD is screwed and momoland is treated so badly #JusticeForMOMOLAND https://t.co/xte9liw1BE

Daisyformer member of the group MOMOLAND, revealed to the KBS broadcast channel that the reality show, Find MOMOLAND, was rigged in favor of his debut.

The reality show aired in 2016 to find new talent to debut in a new girl group called MOMOLAND. Of the 10 entrants, seven were to be selected based on judges’ votes, online viewer votes and live audience member votes.

Daisy was eliminated from the show, but prior to the elimination, MLD Entertainment let her know that she would rejoin the group regardless of the results. They also told her that she would be featured when the band’s second album was released.

Additionally, the selected members had to pay high fees to cover the costs of the controversial K-pop show. MLD Entertainment accepted these claims and mentioned that it was part of the contract the girls agreed to sign.

3) Queen 2

Mnet’s “Queendom 2” dismissed suspicions of music source manipulation. Mnet told News on June 3, “As announced in advance, only one ID per day (multiple IDs are possible, but not duplicated) was reflected in the music score on the official ‘Queendom 2’ playlist. https://t.co/qvWhHYs0ch

Queen 2 was one of most controversial K-pop shows from 2022, another from Mnet after the Produce series. The show was suspected of rigging the votes in favor of WJSN, which emerged as the winner of the show.

The rankings presented by the show differ significantly from the Spotify streaming numbers achieved by each group. K netizens believe that if the total digital performance ranking were to be considered, LOONA would come in first, closely followed by VIVIZ, and WJSN would be a distant third.

Mnet released a convoluted statement denying the rumors and no further investigation was conducted into the matter. However, with Mnet’s history of rigged votes, fans are still wary of the show’s final results.

4) The Music Bank

KBS2’s Music Bank production team is being investigated for allegedly manipulating Lim Young Woong’s sheet music. LYW was nominated for the first leg with girl group LeSserafim but received second place as they received no broadcast points.

KBS’ The Music Bank came into the limelight as a controversial K-pop show over rigged votes when, on one of the shows, THE SSERAFIM won Lim Young-woong, surprising netizens.

The Music Bank is a weekly music show based on certain criteria, where a new song wins over the others. It is also a space where artists can promote their music to a wider audience.

This particular show shocked fans as the K-pop soloist didn’t score any airplay points despite his song being used by KBS in various playlists, as revealed by Dispatch, resulting in the loss. by Lim Young-woong.

Recently, Kakao Entertainment has also come under fire for using its influence and popularity to push groups under their subsidiaries.

Netizens were surprised by MONSTA X’s nomination for the Melon Music Awards compared to active and better artists such as TXT. Melon is a subsidiary of Kakao Entertainment, which is why netizens are claiming foul play.

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