5 video game TV shows you should sink your teeth into

TV shows about video games seem to be growing in popularity right now, with the witcher get another season, the Halo tv show around the corner and talk about a It takes two The TV show begins to heat up.

While a sudden burst of video game TV shows might surprise you with “Video game movies are bad, why the hell should I watch a video game TV show”, I can assure you that have been popular for quite some time. And I love them all.

Here are some TV shows based on video games that you should check out, as well as some TV shows about upcoming video games.

You’ll find that most of the shows below are from Netflix… It’s not because I’m picking up a comic-sized bag of cash from Netflix or anything, it’s just because most of the shows from video game television come from the streaming giant. Let’s go.


OK, seriously, I can’t stop talking about this show. I don’t say that lightly when I say it’s not only the best video game TV show, but it’s also the best Netflix Original available to stream right now. Again, I’m not even a fan of the game it’s based on, but it’s true.

Esoteric is a Netflix adaptation of League of Legends (Riot Games), the popular MOBA video game where two teams of five players battle to dominate a map, each playing as one of over a hundred unique characters.

The show, however, laser-focuses on two heroes: Jinx and Vi. These sisters are caught in the politics between Pilltover and Zaun in an emotional, action-packed story that I love more than anything right now. It’s also stunningly beautiful, with an unforgettable art style. It has been renewed for a second season.

the witcher

The second show is the witcher, another Netflix original. OK, put the fork down, I know what you’re gonna say – the witcher is based on the books, not the game. I know. However, I’m putting it here because a lot of the show’s art direction is very much like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (CD Project: RED). Also, you know, it’s hard to tell if The witcher’s cultural popularity would be anywhere near where it is right now without the game, so here it is. Sue me.

the witcher is a medieval series based on Polish folklore, following the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher, a monster hunter devoid of most emotions. It’s an action-packed show presented by many like Netflix’s game of thrones. It absolutely slams.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Resuming a second season in January, Dota: Dragon’s Blood is a Netflix adaptation of another popular MOBA: DOTA 2 (Valve). It’s actually kind of funny that Netflix has the distribution rights for the League of Legends the anime and the DOTA 2 anime, two games considered competitors.

Dota: Dragon’s Bloodhowever, is very different from Esoteric. dragon’s blood adheres a bit more to anime standards, with a traditional 2D art style and a more gory approach, following a Dragon Knight and the Politics of the dota world. Like Esotericthere are a lot of callbacks to the games, but that’s a whole different show.

Carmen Sandiego

I won’t hear for a minute that this show should be excluded from the list because it’s a cartoon aimed at a young audience. by Netflix Carmen Sandiego is a fun action show for all ages, based on the popular edutainment game series of the same name (made by Broderbund).

It follows a young Carmen Sandiego, focusing on a story delving into her shady past and the mysterious organizations operating around her. Like the games, it’s focused on edutainment, keeping it classy and adding a nice animation style. It’s performed well and I found it to be quite enjoyable overall. There is also an interactive episode available on Netflix, reminiscent of the games.


by Netflix Castlevania is the last game we will add to our list, a gory medieval anime adaptation of the popular Konami series. Castlevania follows Trevor Belmont, a talented monster slayer from House Belmont, in an extremely gory series focusing on killing Dracula and ridding himself of his evil.

The show is well balanced across four seasons, easy to cut with short episode lengths. Some parts seem a bit secondary, but overall it’s very nice. It has a very satisfying ending too.

Upcoming Video Game Shows

While Esoteric, the witcher and Dota: Dragon’s Blood are on the way, there are plenty of upcoming video game TV shows that are still in the works. Here’s an overview of what to look for:

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