60 Easter quiz questions and answers about TV, film, music, literature and history

Spring is in the air, daffodils are in bloom, there are plenty of delicious Easter eggs on the shelves to devour, and who doesn’t love a warm buttery bun?

Yes, we can’t wait to welcome Easter this year, which falls on April 17, so we’ve designed a fun quiz to experience virtually with your friends and family over the Easter long weekend. Perfect for playing after a glorious Easter roast.

Suitable for the whole family, our quiz includes film, TV, literature, history and a pop culture bonus round for kids.

Let’s crack!

Round 1 – Easter Movie Quiz


  1. Who voices Peter Rabbit in the 2018 animated film? [Answer: James Corden]
  2. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireHarry and Ron Weasley’s dragon-sized Easter eggs are filled with Molly Weasley’s homemade deliciousness, what’s in there? [Answer: Toffee]
  3. In which Disney movie does the curious rabbit Thumper appear? [Answer: Bambi]
  4. Which of Willy Wonka’s ill-mannered guests turns into a giant blueberry? [Answer: Violet Beauregarde]
  5. Babe is an orphan pig who wants to be what? [Answer: Sheepdog]
  6. Which Oscar-winning American actress plays beloved author Beatrix Potter in the 2006 biopic Miss Potter? [Answer: Renee Zellweger]
  7. Name the 2001 cult film about a troubled teenager who befriends Frank, a character dressed in a bunny costume only he can see? [Answer: Donnie Darko]
  8. Which Actor Plays a Young Willy Wonka in the Planned Origin Tale Wonka? [Answer: Timothee Chalamet]
  9. Which Australian star voices the adorable Flopsy in the star-studded 2018 show Peter Rabbit movie? [Answer: Margot Robbie]
  10. In the lavish 1948 musical Easter Paradewho stars alongside Fred Astaire as ambitious backup singer Hannah? [Answer: Judy Garland]

    Round 2 – Easter TV Quiz

    the great british patisserie

    Marc BourdillonChannel 4

    1. Which represent junior cooking? [Answer: Harry Hill]
    2. What is the name of the anti-corruption unit of Course of action? [Answer: AC-12]
    3. Who is the presenter The Great British Bake Off: an extra slice? [Answer: Jo Brand]
    4. What color is the Teletubby Tinky Winky? [Answer: Purple]
    5. Which celebrity won Mary Berry’s Best Home Cook award this year? [Answer: Ed Balls]
    6. Can you name last year’s winner Great British Bake Off? [Answer: Giuseppe Dell’Anno]
    7. The finalists had to make carrot cakes and Belgian brioches to recreate which literary-inspired thematic event? [Answer: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party]
    8. Which now-TV chef and author won Great British Bake Off in 2015 ? [Answer: Nadiya Hussain]
    9. Can you name the famous actress who narrates the beginning of each episode of Call the midwife? [Answer: Vanessa Redgrave]
    10. Name Gregg Wallace’s two current fellow judges on MasterChef: the professionals? [Answer: Monica Galetti and Marcus Wareing]

      Round 3 – Easter Literature Quiz

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      1. What kind of animal is Rabbit’s best friend in the book Rabbit Ribbit? [Answer: A frog]
      2. Name the beloved pig in EB White’s classic children’s novel Charlotte’s web [Answer: Wilbur]
      3. Name the missing bunny in The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Flopsy, Virgin, Cotton-tail and Peter [Answer: Mopsy]
      4. Who received the first golden ticket at Roald Dahl Charlie and the chocolate factory? [Answer: Augustus Gloop]
      5. What is the Rabbit in Lewis Caroll Alice in Wonderland always carry with him? [Answer: A pocket watch]
      6. Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig and Blackberry are four brave bunnies looking for a new home in which classic Richard Adams novel? [Answer: Watership Down]
      7. What is the name of the rabbit in A. A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh? [Answer: It’s Rabbit!]
      8. Can you name the Lion – aka the Rightful King of Narnia – in CS Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? [Answer: Aslan]
      9. What is the name of the titular rabbit in Margery Williams’ classic 1922 children’s book? [Answer: The Velveteen Rabbit]
      10. What animal is Mr Tod, also known as Tommy Brock’s nemesis, in Beatrix Potter Mr. Tod’s Story? [Answer: A fox]

        Round 4 – Easter Story Quiz

        easter dates 2021

        SasiistockGetty Images

        1. What happens to clocks in the spring? [Answer: They go forward one hour]
        2. On which street in New York does the city’s traditional Easter parade take place? [Answer: Fifth Avenue]
        3. Why do some people fast during the 40 days of Lent before Easter? [Answer: It represents Jesus Christ’s sacrifice in wilderness before dying on the cross]
        4. In the French tradition, how are Easter eggs thought to be delivered to children? [Answer: By church bells]
        5. In Switzerland, people believe that a bird delivers Easter treats to children. Can you name the type of bird? [Answer: Cuckoo]
        6. Egg Rolling, the Easter game of rolling hard-boiled eggs up a hill, has become an annual event at what famous landmark? [Answer: The White House]
        7. What country is the Easter bunny from? [Answer: Germany]
        8. How many Creme Eggs does Cadbury make each year? [Answer: around 500 million]
        9. Which roast is traditionally eaten at Easter? [Answer: Lamb]
        10. What is the name of the Sunday before Easter? [Answer: Palm Sunday]

          Round 5 – Easter Music Quiz

          Willy Wonka

          SKY/NOW TV

          1. What was Madonna’s second single to top the UK Easter charts in 1989? [Answer: Like a Prayer]
          2. The one and only entered at No. 1 on Easter weekend 1991 – can you name the singer? [Answer: Chesney Hawkes]
          3. Name the band that went to No. 1 on Easter 2004 with the song Colors in her hair? [Answer: McFly]
          4. What lyrics come next in this classic Beatles hit: “I’m the egg man, it’s the egg men…” [Answer: I am the walrus]
          5. He is alive became an Easter hit for which country music icon? [Answer: Dolly Parton]
          6. Sammy Davis Jr covered which song from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory? [Answer: The Candy Man]
          7. Who wrote Jesus Christ Superstar musical comedy ? [Answer: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice]
          8. Which pop star sang the song Chocolate excerpt from his album Body language? [Answer: Kylie Minogue]
          9. What a British Glam Rock outfit – whose lead singer appeared on The Masked Singer not so long ago – released the album Easter is canceled? [Answer: The Darkness]
          10. Can you name the Spice Girl who released a cover of I want some candy from his fourth album This time? [Answer: Mel C]

            Round 6 – Easter quiz questions for kids

            Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

            Warner Bros.

            1. Hermione Granger only gets the smallest of Molly Weasley’s Easter eggs because she thought Hermione was in a love triangle with Harry and who else? [Answer: Answer: Viktor Krum]
            2. Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit? [Answer: Beatrix Potter]
            3. Tangled is based on which Disney princess? [Answer: Rapunzel]
            4. Which of these is do not a friend of Winnie the Pooh? Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Woody, Christopher Robin [Answer: Woody!]
            5. Which British comedian plays EB aka the Easter Bunny’s teenage son in To jump? [Answer: Russell Brand]
            6. What kind of animal is the adorable Sid in the Ice Age franchise? [Answer: A sloth]
            7. In Harry Potterchildren board the Hogwarts Express from platform 9 3/4 at which station in London? [Answer: King’s Cross]
            8. What is the name of Charlie Bucket’s beloved grandfather in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the chocolate factory? And a bonus point if you can give his exact age [Answer: Joe and he’s ninety-six and a half]
            9. What is the name of the bossy manager of Roald Dahl’s? Matilda? [Answer: Miss Trunchball]
            10. What is Paddington Bear’s favorite sandwich in the famous books and film adaptations? [Answer: Marmalade]

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