8 Best TV Shows Featuring The Cast Of Top Gun: Maverick

Released in 1986, the original Superior gun The film is still considered a classic, but there was a distinct hole where a sequel should have been made. In 2022, 36 years after the original film, Top Gun: Maverick come. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer return in the sequel, reprising their roles as Maverick and Iceman respectively.

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Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are backed by a stellar cast of groundbreaking talent and several experienced faces. A lot of maverick the actors have been in well-known and highly regarded TV shows. These series are certainly worth watching, especially considering the good performances of the actors in Top Gun: Maverick.

8 Unreal sees the bad side of Monica Barbaro

Monica Barbaro is considered one of the most notable artists of recent Top Gun: Maverick film and Natasha “Phoenix” Trace is an integral part of the elite group. Barbaro has appeared in several TV shows before, including the likes of Stumptown and Unreal.

Barbaro was introduced in the second season of Unrealalso stylized as Unreal, like Yael. During a big reveal, Yael serves as the antagonist. Unreal follows the behind-the-scenes antics of a dating show called “Everlasting.” Yael appears as an undercover reporter posing as a candidate.

seven Jennifer Connelly is one of the main pillars of the Snowpiercer series

Jennifer Connelly appears in Top Gun: Maverick as Penny Benjamin, Pete Mitchell’s love interest. Penny was only mentioned in the original film as Maverick’s former love interest, so it’s exciting that Penny will feature in the long-awaited sequel.

Alongside Daveed Diggs and Sean Bean, Jennifer Connelly is one of the main characters in the television series Snowdrops.snowdrops presents an interesting concept. The series follows a train that travels through a frozen wasteland of a world. This brings new issues on board, from class division to much more.

6 Danny Ramirez proves useful in Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Fanboy is one of the supporting TOPGUN elite graduates in Top Gun: Maverick. Fanboy, along with Payback, is tasked with supporting Rooster in the main mission. Fanboy is played by Danny Ramirez, who previously appeared in the popular MCU TV series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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Joaquin Torres is a friend, colleague and helpful resource for Sam Wilson as he adjusts to life without Steve Rogers in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The series is often overshadowed by other MCU shows such as Loki and moon knightbut it still advances several storylines. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also incorporates several returning MCU characters into relevant plot points.

5 Bashir Salahuddin becomes a recurring character in Glow

Bashir Salahuddin is an American comedian, writer and actor. Salahuddin plays Bernie “Hondo” Coleman, Pete Mitchell’s friend and colleague, in Top Gun: Maverick.

Salahuddin had minor roles in shows such as Blackish and Development stopped. In 2017, he appeared in GLOW. In the Netflix comedy-drama about women’s wrestling, he appears as the husband of Cherry Bang, one of the main characters. Keith Bang even becomes a wrestling referee and an established recurring character within GLOW.

4 Jon Hamm is the iconic Don Draper in Mad Men

Before being the serious Admiral Beau “Cyclone” Simpson in Top Gun: Maverick, Jon Hamm had already amassed an impressive resume. However, the television series Mad Men is arguably his greatest achievement. Hamm played lead character Don Draper for all seven seasons of the show.

Mad Men follows Don Draper and his antics as Creative Director at Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency and as a Partner at Sterling Cooper & Partners. Mad Men is an iconic period drama that has garnered critical and publicity acclaim.

3 Lewis Pullman is part of the Chaotic Abbott family in Outer Range

Robert “Bob” Floyd is arguably one of the friendliest TOPGUN graduates in Top Gun: Maverick. Together with their partner Phoenix, the duo was of great help in the success of the main mission. Bob is played by Lewis Pullman, who has appeared alongside major movie stars in Bad times at the El Royale.

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Along with Josh Brolin and Imogen Poots, Pullman also plays Rhett Abbott in the 2022 series Outdoor beach. Outdoor beach finds himself flirting with several different genres. In his heart, Outdoor beach is an intense neo-Western thriller and definitely worth watching.

2 Ed Harris excels as a cynical old gunman in Westworld

Ed Harris carries a certain aura within him that makes him the perfect measure of intimidation and respect. In Top Gun: Maverick, he appears early on as Rear Admiral Chester “Hammer” Cain. He is introduced to scold Maverick before transferring him to TOPGUN school.

Ed Harris had a long and storied career filled with many defining roles. Arguably one of Harris’ best roles has come in recent years in the form of the Man in Black in Westworld. Westworld began as a mysterious science fiction series about the relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence. However, over time, he transcended this concept. by Westworld twists and turns make it a captivating must-see.

1 Miles Teller Produces The Godfather In The Offer

Miles Teller delivered an outstanding performance as Goose’s son, Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw in Top Gun: Maverick but it was not his first major role. Teller is perhaps best known for his stellar performance as Andrew in Whiplash and is recognized for his roles in the 2015 The Fantastic Four, war dogs, and the Divergent movies.

In 2022, Teller is part of the television series The offera biographical drama miniseries about the development of The Godfather. Teller plays Albert S. Ruddy, the man known for producing The Godfatherand is joined by a very strong cast.

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