April jobs report shows gain of 428,000 jobs: live updates

Credit…Tom Brenner for The New York Times

President Biden on Friday hailed the latest jobs report as evidence of his administration’s efforts to rebuild the economy, a message the White House is increasingly amplifying ahead of the congressional election.

In a statement, Mr Biden credited last year’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package, along with the distribution of coronavirus vaccines, with creating 428,000 jobs in April and the low rate unemployment of 3.6%. Mr Biden sought to highlight job creation and wage growth, even as Republicans said his stimulus package had contributed to a spike in property prices that fueled voter frustration.

“We are building an economy that values ​​the dignity of work,” Biden said in the statement. “There is no doubt that inflation and high prices are a challenge for families across the country, and fighting inflation is a top priority for me,” he said, adding that the economy ‘faces challenges from Covid-19, Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine’. , and global inflation in a position of strength. There is more work to do.

During a visit to Ohio on Friday, Biden said passing legislation that would inject $300 billion into scientific research and development and bolster domestic manufacturing would create create jobs and address supply chain shortages that have contributed to inflation.

“These manufacturing jobs are important because they fuel our economic growth,” Biden said. “They fuel exports and, as we have seen, they can fuel innovation.”

Mr Biden also said the bill would “address what everyone is concerned about: tackling inflation, bringing prices down”.

Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, released a statement on the jobs report that highlighted soaring inflation. “Families can’t afford food and groceries, wages can’t keep up with inflation, and Biden’s agenda will only make things worse,” she said. “Voters are blaming Biden and Democrats squarely for the hurt they are causing struggling families across the country.”

But Mr Biden’s defenders said the report pointed to an environment in which workers could seek better career opportunities and higher wages. Representative Robert C. Scott of Virginia, chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, said the data “reflects another exceptional month of job growth and economic recovery.”

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