Batwoman Set Photo Shows Sophie at Laurel Lance’s Grave

A photo taken by Batwoman’s Meagan Tandy reveals Sophie Moore visiting Arrow’s Laurel Lance grave, prompting many questions for viewers.

One of the last batman set of photos, released by star actor, Meagan Tandy, features her character, Sophie Moore, apparently standing next to the grave of Arrowis Laurel Lance. The series premiered in October 2019 as a spinoff of the “Elseworlds” crossover, featuring Green Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, all from their own respective shows in the shared universe. The first season of batman was headlined by Ruby Rose as Kate Kane before the lead role changed and landed on Javicia Leslie, who started playing the original character, Ryan Wilder.

batman currently follows Wilder’s story as she steps into the role of Scarlet Vigilante after Kate Kane leaves Gotham to search for her cousin, Bruce Wayne. Joining Leslie and Tandy in the series cast includes Rachel Skarsten as Alice, Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox, Nicole Kang as Mary Hamilton, and Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya. The series is currently airing its third season, which follows Wilder’s bat team as they investigate the mysterious disappearances of weapons from Batman’s gallery of past rogues, leading them to face off against new versions of the Mad Hatter. , Killer Croc and many more.


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In a recent post on her Instagram story to promote the latest upcoming episode, Tandy unveiled a plethora of behind-the-scenes photos that featured numerous main cast members and a shocking set detail. Specifically, she featured an image of herself standing next to Laurel Lance’s grave, a replica of the one seen in the Season 4 episode of Arrow highlighting his death and funeral. The rest of the footage also revealed a few returning characters to the show, including Sam Littlefield as Mouse and Nathan Owens as Ocean. See the picture below:

As mentioned earlier, Laurel Lance was a major character in The CW’s first four seasons. Arrow, played by Katie Cassidy, who eventually became the Black Canary, much like his comic book counterpart, before being suddenly killed during Arrowthe fourth season. Following the death, many fans of the show took to social media to express their disgust at the decision, and it ultimately became one of the show’s most notorious moments, spreading through many fans of the shared universe. The show’s creators seemed to be listening, later bringing Cassidy back as her Earth-2 counterpart for the show’s remaining four seasons.

Laurel’s grave appearing in an episode of batman asks viewers many questions, such as why Sophie would be in Star City in the first place and how the appearance of Laurel’s grave will tie into the events of the episode. Additionally, many fans have been spotted wondering if this could be a clue to Earth-1 Laurel’s possible return in some capacity, opening the door for Cassidy’s return to the future, post-Crisis. Either way, the answers to these questions are sure to be extremely interesting, and fans can tune in to find out as batman airs its penultimate on February 23.

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Source: Meagan Tandy

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