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About Us:

Disability Arts in Shropshire (DASH) is a visual arts charity run by people with disabilities. We create opportunities for artists with disabilities to develop their creative practice, from high-quality commissions to community workshops. We work with artists, audiences, communities and organizations to challenge inequality and effect change.

Training, nurturing and building the skills and confidence of artists with disabilities are essential for DASH to achieve these goals.

Our recent ‘We Are Invisible We Are Visible’ project saw over 31 artists with disabilities perform surreal artistic interventions in 30 locations across Britain and Northern Ireland on July 2, 2022. This award-winning project was a celebration of the Dada art movement as well as Disability Arts.

We are a small but ambitious organization. As part of the development of our online services, we want to offer accessible and supported training that will be a valuable tool for D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists. Help them build, develop and maintain lasting careers as artists. But for that, we need help…

DASH created the BEAST project in direct response to the needs of post-Covid Deaf and disabled artists.

During the coronavirus pandemic and enforced lockdown, DASH has expanded its mentorship offering to artists with disabilities and has mentored over 100 artists online since March 2020.

During these mentoring sessions, it became apparent that many of these artists lacked confidence in their skills and knowledge in areas of endeavor that could further develop their careers.

This has been identified as a serious impediment to their ability to find work and further their careers as artists and creatives in the sector – whether as employees or self-employed.

In response, DASH piloted BEAST (Business Education and Skills Training). This accessible and supported training for artists with disabilities has been a great success and DASH wishes to offer this opportunity again to D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists.

Artist Lisette Auton sits at a table in conversation with a member of the public.  Lisette has brown hair tied back and wears a pale linen colored dress which she smiles at.  The woman opposite is seated with her arms crossed, a green headscarf and a navy blue blouse with a floral pattern.  In the distance, a sofa covered in cream fabric and another woman in a light-colored linen dress.  The building has large bay windows and there are many blue pillars.

Artist: Lisette Auton. Image credit: Kev Howard.

The four colored dashes of the DASH logo.  Blue, yellow green and pink.  With white space between each colored rectangle.

Hear what the artists had to say about the previous BEAST program:

“It was an amazing workshop – the information shared will have an extremely positive impact on my life and my ability to be a professional artist. Thank you so much!”

“It was a very important and useful workshop”

“Best workshop I’ve attended in years. So clear and to the point. Exceeded my expectations. Thank you”

“I feel more informed about benefit rights and authorized work, and about Disability Rights UK, so I feel I will be able to report disabled artists in my network, who are receiving benefits/applying for benefits and want to know more about work, in the right direction to get the guidance and support they need”

“The workshop was clear and informative and I now feel I have the skills to write my own art budget.”

“Very well thought out full of useful information.”

“I found it very informative and relayed in a very concise and thoughtful way”

“The event felt relaxed while remaining professional and informative”

The four colored dashes of the DASH logo.  Blue, yellow green and pink.  With white space between each colored rectangle.

Your support today will help DASH deliver the second online accessible workshop program, giving over 50 artists the opportunity to:

  • Increase their knowledge in all aspects of business development to support the growth of their creative enterprise.
  • Fill skills gaps as people face new ways of working remotely and digitally.
  • Help artists develop their business and technical skills and become more resilient and financially independent.

BEAST will directly benefit over 50 D/deaf/disabled/neurodivergent artists across the UK. Support artists at all stages of their careers, but with a particular focus on those just starting out.

A black and white image of a footbridge, looking into the distance at the bridge walkway.

Your contribution to BEAST will provide a new generation of D/Deaf/Disabled artists with the tools to thrive as creative enterprises as they become:

  • More confident and resilient
  • Able to articulate the value of their creative practice
  • Aware of their access needs and how to get them supported
  • More connected and less isolated, having established new connections and network

The four colored dashes of the DASH logo.  Blue, yellow green and pink.  With white space between each colored rectangle

Don’t forget to claim your reward with your donation.

For a donation of 20€
Receive a hardback copy of The Incorrigibles: Perspectives on Disability Visual Arts in the 20th & 21st Centuries. This book is a celebration of difference, it’s about the will to survive as artists, it’s about humanity and the fact that art unites us all as human beings.

The DASH book cover;  The Incorrigibles.  The title runs down the left side and the cover images feature a woman in a black suit holding her hands to her head and screaming.  Behind her are mountains and a large lake.

For a donation of 10€:
Receive a limited edition copy of the WAIWAV zine. Published as part of the We Are Invisible We Are Visible project.

The open pages of the WAIWAV zine containing the article;  Flowers in the Bin, by Colin Hambrook.  On top are copies of the zine with a cut-out Dada design cover depicting a seated black and white woman and an array of cut-out flowers, birds, eyes and lamps.  The title We Are Invisible We Are Visible, is again in the style of newspaper clippings.

Thank you for your support!

Best wishes from the DASH team and board

The four colored dashes of the DASH logo.  Blue, yellow green and pink.  With white space between each colored rectangle

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