Best movies and TV shows on Disney+ and Paramount+ (September 17-18, 2022)

Paramount+ and Disney+ offer a glimpse of the real world this weekend. Paramount+ has revived several reality TV shows that have done well on MTV, YouTube, and CBS. Disney+ is releasing a new documentary film about two women with undocumented parents. The platform also adds the first season of the National Geographic series Early Alaskans.

Ghosted: Love Gone Missing S2 came to Paramount+ on September 14

MTV’s reality show Ghosted: love is gone helps people find former friends or lovers who have fallen silent online. Sadly, those ties were severed without explanation, leaving people shocked by their disappearance. Hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills track down the absentee and work to uncover the truth about their whereabouts. This show follows a similar format to another successful MTV reality show, Catfish, which has helped friends and lovers find out if their long-distance connections are legitimate. For those looking for a bit of mystery and drama this weekend, Phantom could serve as essential entertainment.

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Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant S2 was added to Paramount+ on September 14

Another MTV reality show is making its way to Paramount+ this weekend as Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant Season 2 becomes available. The show follows a group of teenage mothers and the hardships they overcome in their daily lives. The show is a spin-off of the MTV series teen mom which is also a reality spin-off of the original 2009 series 16 and pregnant. The show contains realistic drama as these young mothers navigate life with different challenges than most of their peers.

The first Alaskans S1 became available on Disney+ on September 14

Early Alaskans serves as a spin-off series from the original National Geographic broadcast life below zero. The previous series featured Alaskans on their daily and seasonal activities in remote areas of Alaska. This new series follows Alaska Natives who thrive in the brutal cold of the state’s sub-zero temperatures. Alaska Natives have centuries of experience in these intense conditions, so they have become experts in how to survive and live fulfilling lives. For survival enthusiasts, Early Alaskans would be an intriguing series to watch this weekend.

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Run & Gun joined Paramount+ on September 15

Run and shoot is an action-thriller distributed by Paramount Pictures and released in late 2021. The film features a reformed good guy, Ray, who has been removed from his quieter life and sent back to the world of crime and violence from which he s was previously distant. . Ray finds himself running for his life as a group of assassins try to track him down. The film is set in the Wild West (aka the desert) as Ray struggles to find his way back to his ordinary new life in the suburbs.

My Dream Quinceañera Premieres on Paramount+ September 16

My dream quinceañera premieres on Paramount+ this week and is based on an AwesomenessTV series of the same name. The series follows young women planning their 15th birthdays with the help of expert quinceañera planner Maria Perez. The show mirrors the 2005 MTV reality series My sweet 16, which was hugely popular in the 2000s. Many event goers can enjoy planning these extravagant affairs and the hard work that goes into making a young lady’s dream come true.

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Mija premiered on Disney+ on September 16

The Disney+ documentary film mija is an inspiring story about two young women, Doris Muñoz and Jacks Haupt, who are striving to break into the music industry. While facing the reality that their family could be deported at any moment, these two work to achieve their dreams as they feel there is no other choice. Muñoz and Haupt serve as each other’s emotional support system as they navigate the music scene and make a name for themselves in the industry. This movie would be a great watch for anyone looking for some real inspiration.

48 Hours adds S35 to Paramount+ September 17

48 hours is a crime investigation series that follows various cases, including wrongfully convicted and cold cases. The series began in 1988 and still reports on important issues that occur in people’s daily lives. Season 35 aired earlier this year on CBS and will be available on Paramount+ on September 17. This series serves to shed light on the stories of crime and justice in the American criminal justice system, providing help and information to those in need.

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60 Minutes S54 becomes available on Paramount+ on September 18

The iconic and most successful show in television history, 60 minutes, brings Season 54 to Paramount+. The show features a variety of news-related content ranging from feature segments to investigative reports. Additionally, this season offers stories on multiple cultural and environmental issues of today. For people who want to dive deep into the news, 60 minutes could be a great form of programming for this weekend.

SEAL Team S6 premiering on Paramount+ September 19

The Military Drama Series SEAL Team returns to Paramount+ again with season 6. The show started on CBS and originally premiered in 2017. SEAL Team follows the team of US Navy SEALs as they undertake life-threatening missions around the world. The central drama of the series relies heavily on the burdens this position places on their lives and families. Plus, the show is an authentic series filled with real-life experiences from veterans who have collaborated on the show.

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