Best superhero shows streaming on Netflix

Besides the obvious Daredevil, Netflix is ​​home to several other fantastic superhero TV shows, including initial entries in the Arrowverse.

As the original big name in TV and movie streaming, Netflix has gotten its hands on several equally big names in superhero content. These include productions involving Marvel characters, DC superheroes, and even those based on indie comics. This gives those looking for some of the best pantyhose TV shows a one-stop-shop for all things capes and cowls.

While some of these shows originally aired on network TV, some of them are Netflix originals, making the big red N the only place to stream them. That includes one evil Marvel show in particular that’s still considered one of the best superhero shows of all time. Here are some of the top reasons to sign up for Netflix if you’re a superhero fan.

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Luke Cage Brought Flawless Relevance To The Marvel Universe

The third Marvel Netflix streaming series, Luke Cage updated the jive-talking hero for hire in a 21st century way. Depicting a gritty, down-to-earth Harlem, the series, much like its brethren, was mostly detached from the more explosive events of the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. This worked in its favor, allowing Luke, Misty Knight, Black Mariah, and the rest of the cast to be explosive and as well developed as possible. Launch bulletproof action with mystery, crime and a bit of social relevance, Luke Cage like everything the character was ever meant to be. His biggest disappointment is that he unfortunately only lasted two seasons.

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Arrow was the show that launched a universe

Loosely adapting DC’s Green Arrow character, Arrow was the namesake of the Arrowverse continuity of the shows it later spawned. Before that, however, it was simply a show about playboy Oliver Queen, who returns home after being stranded on an island to save his corrupt town. Strongly inspired by Black Knight trilogy, the show also incorporates elements of green arrow stories by Mike Grell, Andy Diggle, Jeff Lemire and others. Its early seasons mostly feature incredible hand-to-hand action, making the show and its hero, really something else.

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The Flash ran to put the Arrowverse on the map

Arrowverse’s second show was the flash, which is from the second season of its ancestor. Following medical examiner Barry Allen after developing superhuman speed, the flash sees the Scarlet Speedster take on a litany of Central City’s growing metahuman threats. Diving into comics and a comic tone more than Arrow, the flash balances character drama and soap opera elements with fun, geeky shenanigans. It’s now also the longest-running Arrowverse series, so those who haven’t checked it out should definitely catch up…if they can.

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Jupiter’s Legacy is an underrated show that ended too soon

Jupiter Legacy Image

A series developed by Netflix, Jupiter’s Legacy adapted the Mark Millar series of the same name. On that note, however, he experimented with his narrative, jumping back and forth like Arrow with flashbacks to how his elder superheroes got their powers. This sees the series pivot from the Great Depression to the present day, where a new generation of superheroes debate the ethics and outdated morality of their Superman equivalent. The series combines the comic book costumes and fantasy of shows such as the flash and similar series with the graininess and more adult tone of Arrow and daredevil.

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Daredevil is still the best superhero show ever

netflix daredevil series header

The biggest and best name in the list is easily daredevil, a show whose cancellation is still lamented by millions. Focusing on blind attorney Matt Murdock, daredevil sees him using his radar-enhanced senses and martial arts skills to bring an out-of-court peace to Hell’s Kitchen. Along the way, however, he encounters murderous vigilantes like the Punisher and a rising crime boss.

daredevil blew both the Arrowverse and the rest of the MCU out of the water with its gritty and dark tone, eschewing banter and soap opera antics for gritty drama and gritty fight scenes. His consistent high quality sustained him, but sadly it came to an end after just three brief seasons. Daredevil will likely return in other MCU projects, so this show is more of a must-watch than ever.

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