E Ink screen shows Harry Potter Daily Prophet replica

How about an actual version of the Daily Prophet newspaper to scare your friends this Halloween? While we’ve had this stuff before, here’s one that uses an e-paper display and a Teensy microcontroller that forms the heart of the entire setup. Additionally, avid Harry Potter fans should have an instant connection to the Daily Prophet newspaper, but for others, here is a short intro to the same.

The Daily Prophet newspaper is named after him in the Harry Potter films where moving pictures are shown. Of course, this is the result of computer-generated special effects, although the actual version of it was designed by avowed Harry Potter fan, Deep Tronix, and comes to life through the use of a few elements. cool technologies, an e-paper for display and intelligent implementation of all the technologies involved.

For example, a hidden camera enables automatic face detection with the ESP32 microcontroller operating behind the scenes. The above setup works in tandem with the Teensy microcontroller to record a person’s face and display it on the electronic paper screen, which makes it all the stranger, especially when the faces are displayed at random.

Additionally, to alleviate the problem of pixel “burns” which often leave a mark on the screen even though it tends to fade after a few refresh cycles, there is the custom screening library that has been used, and the results are quite impressive. Additionally, an external SD card was used to display the moving images after processing to make them look like the rest of the newspaper printout.

All the physical elements are housed within the frame of the image so that the unsuspecting viewer can be easily taken for a ride with the interactive nature of the display. In fact, it can be quite annoying when the screen starts showing the image of the viewer, enough to scare your friends this Halloween season.

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