From an arts degree to transforming Sydney’s public spaces

Pictured: Kelly Robson.

Create meaningful connections

It was during her time at university, while volunteering in the network of artist-run spaces, that Kelly became involved in the local creative community. It was here that she was able to refine her approach to her career; from co-founding Sydney gallery establishment, Gaffa Precinct, to eventually working at the City of Sydney.

“As much of my work was in the local government sector of the city of Sydney, I ended up connecting with their opportunities and programs,” she explains. “Eventually I started consulting as a creative industry specialist – advising on some of their projects. When I heard there was a vacancy in the public art unit, I jumped at the chance and now work closely with the City’s project and infrastructure teams to help develop and deliver our capital projects in buildings, streetscapes and spaces open.”

For some, having an arts degree can be daunting when deciding which field or career to pursue – and often it comes with a little less certainty compared to your specialist degrees. conventional.

Kelly’s advice on pursuing a meaningful career?

“Rather than trying to figure out the end goal at first, stay focused on what motivates you personally,” she recommends. “Instead of asking yourself what you want to do forever, ask yourself, ‘What do I want to do first?’ Ultimately, for you to be truly effective and impactful in whatever path you choose, you need to do what resonates with you.

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