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Customers entering Art One Gallery Inc. off Marshall Way in the Old Town are immediately greeted by an explosion of artwork created by up-and-coming artists, students, local artists and artists who frequent the One Step Beyond campus across the valley. .

The partnership between One Step Beyond – a non-profit organization that provides services to people with intellectual disabilities and their families – and the gallery began in 2014, but has generated more than a place where artists can exhibit and sell their work.

“It has been a pleasure working with One Step Beyond and it is amazing to share with our customers and out of state visitors to let them know what we are doing here supporting these artists and having the opportunity to sell their work “said Art One Gallery. director Max Smith.

One Step Beyond Fine Arts Specialist Kristy Bullock added, “These students have a tremendous passion for the arts and it’s really us trying to create as much of a path as their passion lies.”

In preparation for the sale and exhibition of their works at the Art One Gallery, Inc., the students of One Step Beyond discovered the works of the neo-expressionist painter Jean-Michel Basquiat, devoted one day a month to working on ceramics and have been given plenty of room for creativity when creating their works.

For this reason, the works explore portraits of pop culture figures, ceramics and dirty pours and where artists mix layers of acrylic paint and pour it onto a canvas which is then anchored in different directions.

“All we care about is what we can do,” said Justin Sims, an artist who attends One Step Beyond and has pieces for sale at Art One Gallery, Inc. “Most programs show more videos or have color pages whereas One Step Beyond is more about what we want to do and what we feel.

Bullock wants artists to feel they have the freedom to realize their artistic visions.

This is best illustrated by a portrait of a bearded woman that Sims painted and sells for $75.

“It was just something I wanted to try,” Sims said. “A lot of times you see women but you don’t see bearded women outside of a circus, so I went and for me it went well.”

Not only are Sims hoping this room will generate a profit of which he will receive 70%, as 30% of all sales go back to One Step Beyond to purchase art supplies and continue to offer its comprehensive programs for people with developmental disabilities, but he also hopes her piece will be cherished by whoever brings it home.

“I hope people think it’s a beautiful piece and have something really meaningful,” Sims said.

It is also always a goal of One Step Beyond to ensure artists get fair compensation in addition to exposure.

“It has always been a priority for us to ensure that our artists have been compensated and represented fairly,” said Kristin Woosley, Director of Marketing and Communications for One Step Beyond.

Not only does this partnership allow artists to exhibit their works to the public, but it also allows artists to explore more roles within the art industry.

“If the students want to get into the background and be involved in the social media posts, I’ll tell them what we’re up to and what we’re doing and they can decide which projects they want to be involved in and how much. .,” Bullock said.

Whether students are involved in all parts of the art process or simply create art, Bullock hopes this experience will spark an interest in art that will last a lifetime.

“I hope this continues to ignite that fire in them and show them that the possibilities are limitless,” Bullock said.

Additionally, Smith says her clients are always eager to get their hands on One Step Beyond designs whenever the pieces hit the gallery.

“I really like them and our customers love them,” Smith said. “They’re still waiting for the next batch to see what they can sweep.”

Information: and Art One Gallery, Inc. is located at 4130 N. Marshall Way

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