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BATAVIA — Area municipalities, organizations and arts programs have $220 to $5,000 to spend on cultural events they had or are planning this year, thanks to Statewide Community Regrant Program grants awarded Thursday night.

GO ART! Director of Education/SCR Mary Jo Whitman said there were 33 applications for funding under this program.

“Only a handful did not get funding and some of those who did get funding did not get the full funding they requested,” she said. “We fully funded as much as we could. We receive a set amount of funding each year and that was just the amount of funding we had. It was $107,000 for the statewide (program).

The Reach, RIPPLE and Spark grants were presented at the ceremony. Each of these grants is part of the statewide program, Whitman said. Recipients of funding from the Restart NY Regrant program, a one-time grant, were also mentioned on Thursday.

The Statewide Community Regrant Program was developed by the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) in 1977 in response to a mandate from the New York State Legislature that there be greater local involvement in decision-making funding affecting local nonprofit organizations, providing arts or cultural services and programs, and to ensure that New York State’s cultural funding reaches all parts of the state.

“We are really excited to see some of the programs and events that these organizations bring to our community. There are really fantastic programs out there. Some of the programming has already started, but most will take place over the summer and fall. Any events or programs that will be organized by the grantees will be listed on the GO ART! on our community calendar,” Whitman said.

The GO ART! Community Arts Grants (Reach Grants) provide seed grants to individual artists, collectives, and arts organizations for projects and activities that enable communities in Genesee and Orleans County to discover and develop. engage in the performing, literary, media and visual arts. Each year, the program supports more artistic projects, including concerts, performances, public art, exhibitions, screenings, festivals, workshops, readings, and more.

Organizations that received grants for various programs and events were:

not YMCA of Orleans County, for YMCA visual community culture, $4,500;

not Village d’Albion, for Concerts on the Canal, $2,410;

not Lyndonville Lions Club, for I Hear the Music, $5,000;

not Cobblestone Museum, for the Cobblestone Museum Arts Series for 2022, $5,000;

not Village of Holley, for concerts at Canal Park, $220;

not Yates Community Library – More Than Just Books – $4,950;

not Village of Medina, for the painting of murals, $3,460;

not Eric Weatherbee, for the Humble Bard Presents, $2,500;

not Gilliam Grant Community Center, Bergen, for Collage of Art, $4,450;

not Bergen Historical Society, for the silent film series, $3,000;

not The Elba Betterment Committee, for EBC Presents Art around Town, $2,350;

not Holland Purchase Historical Society, for the Holland Land Office Museum, Batavia, guest speaker and concert series, $3,250;

not Genesee Symphony Orchestra, for the 76th season of the Genesee Symphony Orchestra, $5,000;

not Batavia City School District Foundation, for Pop Up Art Show, $1,685;

not Byron Bergen Public Library, for Art and Music in Our Community – Enriching Lives Through the Arts, $4,459;

not Batavia Players, for the 2022 theater season, $5,000;

not Genesee Chorale, for the 2022 season of Genesee Choral, $5,000;

not Batavia Concert Band, for the 2022 Summer Concert Series, $5,000;

not Hollwedel Memorial Library, Pavilion, for Shake on the Lake presents MacBeth, $5,000;

not Batavia Community Garden for Community Garden in Bloom, $5,000;

not Oakfield Improvement Committee, for Labor Daze, $5,000;

not Genesee County Chamber of Commerce, for the Genesee County Wall Trail, $4,500;

not Woodward Memorial Library, Le Roy, for Art on the Go, $1,286;

not Haxton Memorial Library, Oakfield, for Talented Thursdays, $5,000;

The GO ART! The Individual Artist Commission (RIPPLE Grant) supports local artist-initiated activities and highlights the role of artists as valued members of the community. The commission is for art projects with outstanding artistic merit that operate in a community setting. The recipients of the RIPPLE grant were:

not Eric Weatherbee, for The Humble Bard Magazine, $2,500;

not Mandy Humphrey, for Beacon Street Mural, $2,000;

not Bart Dentino, for Concert in the Classroom, “Can you see what you hear? », $2,500;

The Arts Education Program (Spark Grant) supports arts education projects for young and/or older learners. GO ART! said emphasis is on the depth and quality of the creative process by which participants learn through or about the arts. Projects should focus on the exploration of art and the artistic process.

not Judd Sunshine, for Erie Canal Songwriting Project, $3,300;

not Bart Denton – The Spaces Between the Sheets – $2,500.

The Restart NY Regrant program (grant cycle July 1, 2021 to June 31, 2022) included $35,000 in grants and had already been allocated. It was developed as part of an initiative to spur the revitalization of New York’s creative economy. Grant opportunities have been prioritized for organizations and artists planning performing arts projects, those planning projects and events that are open and engage the public, and audiences in Genesee and/or counties. ‘Orléans, were encouraged and eligible to apply for funding.

Beneficiaries were the Oakfield Improvement Committee, Friends of the Batavia Peace Garden, GLOW Out!, the Gilliam-Grant Center, the Batavia Concert Band, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, and the Landmark Society of Genesee County.

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