Good News, ‘Hacks’: SAG Awards Love Showbiz Shows


At the first Screen Actors Guild Awards in 1995, the actors of “Seinfeld” took the stage as the first recipients of Best TV Comedy Ensemble. The series, which featured a comedian Jerry Seinfeld as a fictional version of itself, was one of several entertainment industry shows nominated for the top prize that year. Seinfeld and his comrades defeated the cast of programs centered on a range of show business subsectors, from radio (“Frasier”) to the media (“Murphy Brown”). Over the next quarter century, the cast of many other show business comedies have clashed and sometimes won here, and now the stars of “Hacks” hope to be next on the list.

Like “Seinfeld,” “Hacks” centers around the stand-up comedy craft, but the similarities end there. The main character of the HBO Max show is the comic book Deborah Vance (Smart jeans), who is entirely fictional, decades older than Seinfeld’s character, and based in Las Vegas rather than New York. The characters she interacts with are not her friends and neighbors, but people who work with and for her, like Ava Daniels (Hannah einbinder), his new writing partner, and Marcus (Carl Clemons Hopkins), its chief operating officer. All three lead actors recently saw their work recognized by Emmy voters (Smart won the award for Best Comedy Actress) and now compete individually and collectively for the attention of their SAG peers.

The cast of “Hacks” should follow the lead of 20 groups whose performances in shows on show business put them in the running for this award. In 1996, the actors of “Seinfeld” were preceded during their second release by those of “Friends”, one of whom was Matt LeBlanc, who played soap opera star Joey Tribbiani. The actors of “Cybill”, directed by Cybill Shepherd as a struggling actress Cybill Sheridan. The following year, the cast of “Remember WENN”, a period sitcom on a radio variety show, lost their only offer to the group “Seinfeld”, which went on to win for a third time. in 1998.

“Sports Night”, which took place mainly in a sports news studio, joined the club in 2000, the year in which the “Frasier” ensemble claimed their only victory. The next two shows on the list, “Will & Grace” and “Arrested Development,” each featured a member of the ensemble playing an aspiring comedian (Sean hayes like Jack McFarland and David cross as Tobias Funke, respectively). The cast of the first series won in 2001, while the cast of the last lost both of its offerings to the “Desperate Housewives” set.

Next come the nominations for “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, a fictional look at the creator of “Seinfeld” Larry davidthe daily life of, in 2006 and “Entourage”, which followed the escapades of a young movie star and her friends, in 2007. These races were won by the actors of “Desperate Housewives” and “The Office” , respectively. The actors of “Entourage” were also beaten in 2008 by the cast of “30 Rock”, including the creator and the star Tina Fey intended as a parody of his time spent working on “Saturday Night Live”.

The cast of “Glee,” most of whom played members of the teenage choir, won the first of four entries in 2010. A year later, the all-female ensemble of “Hot in Cleveland” was nominated for its portrayals of jaded industry veterans seeking a new start in the titular city. They ultimately lost to the cast of “Modern Family”. In 2019, history was made because all of the category’s lineup consisted of entertainment series cast: “Atlanta”, “Barry”, “GLOW”, “The Kominsky Method” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ”. The last show, about the rise of a comedian in the 1960s, came out victorious and its cast triumphed again in 2020. The most recent winners, the cast of “Schitt’s Creek”, are also part of that. group, as the main character Moira Rose (Catherine o’hara) was an actress by trade.

According to our SAG ratings, the “Hacks” ensemble ranks second in this race behind the cast of “Ted Lasso”. The cast of “Only Murders in the Building”, “The Great”, “What We Do in the Shadows”, “The Kominsky Method”, “Cobra Kai” and “Insecure” round out the current top eight.

Nominations for the 28th edition of the SAG Awards will be announced on Wednesday January 12, 2022 before the ceremony on Sunday February 27.

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