Lecture on “theater basics” organized for children during the Parent’s Children Art, Literature, Music festival

Children learned the basics of theater during the first Saturday session of the Get Set Parent’s Children art, literature and music festival. Dhanendra Kavde from the Performing Arts and Social Work Committee of Swangwale, explained to the children the nuances of theater. In this session he talked about object theater and prop theater where you basically have to tell a story.

To perform an object theater, you must bind to the object or prop. He taught children how important character building and voice modulation were in preparing a story. He made characters using a spoon and then told an interesting story to the children.

The second session was based on storytelling in which the famous storyteller and theater artist Vikram Sridhar told two stories to the children. Vikram Sridhar is also the co-founder of the Bangalore-based ‘Tahato’ theater community. He thinks storytelling is a great medium for conversation which is very relevant and necessary in the modern context.

The third session was addressed by Radhika Fatehpuria of Studio The Seoul on ‘Fluid Art’. To create fluid art, Radhika taught three techniques, the Vowel and Spread Technique, the Blow Color Technique, and the Flip the Cup Technique. She also taught the children how to create beautiful and colorful designs.

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