Letter to the editor: York police dog attack video shows poor animal training

are the video showing York’s police dog attack during a traffic stop (“York releases video showing police dog attack that leads to $325,000 settlement”, Jan. 13):

If ever there was a video to show why dog ​​trainers need to be licensed and regulated in Maine, this video proves it. Is the dog still at work? It shouldn’t be. The victim received $325,000? Is that all? What if there had been a child in the car?

The officer did not release the dog intentionally: we do not see the officer giving the dog any clues, and the officer was startled by the dog. Looks like the dog jumped out of the car on its own. Maybe the officer knew he couldn’t cancel, and that’s why he didn’t even try. This is not good animal training, and it is unacceptable police dog behavior. This dog could attack anyone, no matter how innocent.

The dog should be removed from the police force and the training program should be reassessed.

jenny yasi
CPDT-KA, FFCP (trainer), Whole Dog Camp

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