Lisa Rinna Shows Proof She Apologized to Denise Richards

RHOBH star Lisa Rinna has come under fire for her treatment of Denise Richards. She shows proof of her apology to the former housewife in her IG stories.

In a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna has admitted that she sent former teammate Denise Richards an apology for last season’s feud, and she recently showed proof of it in her Instagram Stories. Lisa introduced her longtime friend Denise to the RHOBH group in season 9. Although she is a famous actress known for her roles in wild things and The world is not enoughDenise was down to earth and tried to stay out of drama with the other housewives.

RHOBH Season 10 proved to be a much bigger challenge for Denise when Brandi Glanville made an appearance on the show and claimed she and the actress were having an affair. Brandi also told the women that Denise had said negative things about them in confidence. The RHOBH The star flatly denied and told the women that she and Brandi didn’t know each other very well, but Brandi had shown text messages between them that proved otherwise. As the other housewives accused Denise of lying, Lisa turned on her friend instead of getting her back.


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During a recent RHOBH episode, Garcelle Beauvais, who is also friends with Denise, asked Lisa if she had thought about apologizing and making amends. Lisa replied that she had sent Denise an apology and a surprised Garcelle then texted Denise asking if it was true. Garcelle shared Denise’s terse response, “When?” In a recent Instagram Story, Lisa shared a screenshot of his message to the actress, which read: “Denise, I’m deeply sorry for the way I treated you during and around the show. I hope you are well and I wish you and your family only the best.

Shared image of Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards at the RHOBH Season 10 reunion

In her Instagram Stories, Lisa, who was relentless towards her friend last season, also shared Denise’s response, “Thank you very much for your text. It means a lot [sic]. I hope you and your family are doing well. Lisa also explained why she just shared the text exchange between her and Denise. She wrote, “I didn’t show this on the show because I thought it was private but since I saw the show I think we should set the record straight.” Many RHOBH fans slammed Lisa for throwing her longtime friend under the bus and kicking Denise off the show. Lisa had maintained in the past that she was not ready to apologize to Denise, as she felt her friend had lied to her.

The text exchange between the two RHOBH star appears to be a positive step in repairing their friendship. Next RHOBH season 10, Denise left the show, saying it was “toxic.” There was an outcry from viewers who felt that Denise had been wrongfully bullied by the other Housewives. Lisa took most of the heat and maybe this text exchange will absolve her of a lot of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fans.

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Source: Lisa Rina/Instagram

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