Louisiana Specialty License Plates, Benefitting the Arts

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – An unopposed bill has passed the House and Senate that would put Louisiana art on mobile display. The bill would introduce a new specialty license plate for art lovers in the state.

Dr. Brook Hanemann, director of banners at McNeese, said a specialty license plate like this could soon be on cars across the state.

“It shows solidarity and support for the arts, you’ll actually see people passing with these plates on our highways and roads,” Hanemann said.

Lake Charles Arts Council director Devon Corbello said money from those plates will be funneled back into regional arts councils and support Louisiana artists.

“I think it really promotes the unique culture that we have here in Louisiana, especially when people have a good road trip somewhere else, they can kind of get jealous of the license plates that we have,” Corbello said. .

“The funds raised through this license plate go back into the arts here in Louisiana,” Corbello said.

One of the artists behind the work – Candace Alexander, from Lake Charles.

“Landscapes are part of our Louisiana scenes, it’s just a really cool process in a lot of ways,” Alexander said.

She’ll show her ideas in Baton Rouge on Thursday for Art Day at the Capitol.

“Inside we’ll have one of our local artists, Candace Alexander, she’ll be painting live, a possible design for these plates,” Hanemann said.

While they’re still in their infancy, “the possibilities are endless to have something like showcasing our state and our roots on the highways.”

“The House and Senate passed the bill, we are now awaiting final revisions, but it looks like we have a good chance it will happen,” Hanemann said.

Arts Day at the Capitol will feature arts advocacy exhibits from across the state. While it’s happening inside, outside, Banners at McNeese is teaming up with Nick Erickson, Movement Teacher and Acting LSU MFA Head, to generate even more notice for our artists as they bring a group of aerial artists from the same group that recently set up in front of Historic 1910 for the Red and Whites.

McNeese, Banners, the Lake Charles Arts Council, local artist Candice Alexander, and the Louisiana Partnership for the arts (representing everything La) regions are united in an effort to help breathe new life into Arts Day at the Capitol, and may well be instrumental in bringing new Louisiana art to our highways and roads with specialized license plates.

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