Matthew Perry’s Net Worth in 2022 Shows He’s Come a Long Way From Friends’ Reign

Matthew Perry’s role as Chandler Bing on Friends definitely defined his career, but the actor’s net worth in 2022 shows he’s come a long way in his professional life since the sitcom ended.

In his upcoming memoir Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Things, the actor detailed his journey over the years while reminiscing about the ups and downs he’s encountered.

After his role as Chandler in Friends, he starred in several other notable films and shows which contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

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A look at Matthew Perry’s net worth in 2022

Matthew Perry has an estimated net worth of $120 million in 2022, reports Celebrity Net Worth.

He played one of the main characters in Friends and appeared in all 236 episodes from 1994 to 2004. His salary increased significantly over time and the actor earned $1 million per episode in seasons 9 and 10.

Although the series ended almost two decades ago, the actor continues to earn millions in royalties like the rest of the actors. InTouch Weekly reports that based on sales each year, the cast of Friends earn between $10 million and $20 million per year.

He starred in films such as Three To Tango, Almost Heroes and The Ron Clark Story, while appearing in shows including guest roles on Scrubs, Cougar Town with Friends star Courteney Cox and Go On.

Actor’s real estate investments

The majority of Hollywood stars make huge investments in real estate and make a lot of money when they end up selling it.

Matthew would have bought an $11 million beachfront property in Malibu in 2011 and sold it for $13.1 million in 2021.

He also reportedly bought a penthouse in 2017 for $20 million. He sold it for a profit of $1.6 million just two years later.

Sales of his upcoming memoir will likely boost his current fortune, as celebrities are known to make impressive gains through book deals.

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Friends star details health scare in her memoir

In the cover of PEOPLE before the publication of his memoir, Matthew revealed that he had spent weeks fighting for his life after his colon burst due to overuse of opioids.

He also revealed that he had been in rehab 15 times and had stomach surgery 14 times.

The actor also revealed doctors told his family he only had a “two percent chance of living” when he was first admitted to hospital.

However, he now leads a healthy life.

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