Miracle Workers Season 4 Trailer Shows Radcliffe in Mad Max Apocalypse

The first Miracle Workers season 4 trailer shows Daniel Radcliffe surviving the End of Days in a hilarious show of a Mad Max-style apocalypse.

A new trailer for the next miracle workers season 4 reveals Daniel Radcliffe and the cast living in a post-apocalyptic future modeled on the madmax movies. Created by comedian and writer Simon Rich, miracle workers is a comedy anthology series that sees the same cast thrust into vastly different storylines each season. Highlighting the comedic prowess of Harry Potterfrom Radcliffe, the series also features the talents of Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni and Jon Bass.


First broadcast in 2019, the first season of miracle workers was based on Rich’s novel What in the name of God, and followed Radcliffe as a low-level angel responsible for handling humanity’s prayers who must prevent the destruction of the Earth when God decides to blow it up in order to create a new restaurant. Praised for its quirky sense of humor and impressive cast, a second season dubbed Miracle Workers: Dark Ages followed in 2020 and saw Radcliffe tackle the role of the hapless Prince Chauncley. The show’s most recent season would also see another narrative shift, this time placing the cast in the 19th century as they seek to fight for a better life on the infamous Oregon Trail.

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Now a new trailer released by TBS for the show’s fourth outing reveals the final setting for Radcliffe and his castmates. Double Miracle Workers: The End of Timesthe trailer shows Radcliffe in a post-apocalyptic wasteland closely modeled on that shown in the madmax movies. Providing insight into the story of mankind’s destruction, Radcliffe’s as-yet-unknown character is interrupted by Viswanathan who points out the real reason for his melodramatic mood. The trailer also revealed the release date for the new season of January 16, 2023. Check out the new trailer above:

How the End Times Can Change the Miracle Workers Formula

While the past three seasons of miracle workers all used very different settings, they all tied together using a consistent approach to their comedic elements. Recurring themes such as moral struggles, complicated interpersonal relationships, and family pressures have all underpinned many of the offbeat jokes that have shaped the series over the past few years. However, this latest setting also gives the show the chance to change its comedic approach and introduce something new.

Moving on to a direct parody of a well-known genre, Miracle Workers: The End of Times offers the show’s already hilarious cast a chance to send some well-known and oft-used post-apocalyptic tropes. Beyond the Legacy of by George Miller madmax moviespost-apocalyptic settings have infused countless movies and TV series over the years, providing the miracle workers thrown in with a wealth of material to exploit for comedic purposes. From what fans can already glean from the new trailer, the upcoming season promises to be another hilarious outing for Radcliffe and company when it premieres on January 16th.

Source: TBS

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