MLT Arts Commission honors local student with scholarship

Lavinia Simkowiak

The Mountlake Terrace Arts Advisory Board recently awarded its $1,000 Manu Sood Scholarship to Lavinia Simkowiak of Mountlake Terrace Secondary School.

Simkowiak plans to attend the Northwest College of Art & Design. She is interested in illustration, entertainment art and graphic design.

“What I want most in this world is to be able to create stories that connect with people the same way they have connected with me, especially young people who share my experiences,” he said. she writes in her candidacy essay.

A letter of support from an art teacher describes Simkowiak as a talented and gifted artist.

The Manu Sood Fellowship honors Manu Sood, the late artist and member of the Mountlake Terrace and Garden Club Arts Advisory Board. Originally from Uganda, she and her husband Vic Sood settled in Mountlake Terrace and became lifelong community leaders. She died in 2009.

“It is people like Manu, with their selfless civic spirit, who help form the heart and soul of our community,” the arts commission said in a tribute after his passing.

The scholarship in his name goes to seniors in the Edmonds School District who plan to pursue a degree in visual arts.

For more information on the scholarship, visit

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