“Music is a powerful form of literature, language and self-expression,” says Assamese singer Shankuraj Konwar.

MUMBAI: Music begins where words fail to speak. Moreover, for someone with an endless passion for it, music is the most superior form of communication. Shankuraj Konwar is one of Assam’s hottest singers and has lent his voice to the music industry through some outstanding numbers. The “Alakananda” singer is not only limited to a single musical occupation, but also actively contributes as a songwriter, composer and producer.

Shankuraj Konwar has also created charts like ‘Kuhuka’, ‘Lorali’ and ‘Ovotaar’. His first venture as a producer in ‘Ki Bedonate’ earned him a spot on Vibes Northeast’s top 8 music video. Konwar strongly believes that this is all due to his passion for music. He believes he connects to music because his passion gives him the power to recognize the beauty in music. Elaborating on much the same, Assamese singer Shankuraj Konwar says, “Nothing connects to people like the soulful amalgamation of meaningful lyrics, rhythm, songwriting and melodious vocals. This fusion ensures a much more intense approach in audiences when music is created with genuine passion. Music is a powerful form of literature, language and self-expression.”

The singer admitted that even obstacles for an independent artist or language barriers do not hamper his confidence due to his undying love for music. It helps him connect better to the world and to himself, as it all helps him set higher goals in his career. Speaking of the same, Konwar said, “Singers like Papon, Nilotpal Bora and Anurag Saikia have been the truest forms of inspiration in life as I share my roots with them. They have done a fabulous job and so have I. I aim to perform well in the mainstream music industry as well as the regional work I have done so far. I want to collaborate with all the wonderful creators around the world and improve my craft with each project by proving my versatility.

Shankuraj Konwar will be seen in huge projects in times to come in songs like ‘Morisika’ and ‘Arohi’. He is also ready to enter the Hindi music industry and will keep his fans informed about the same.

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