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People gather in downtown Napa to see spectacular new art installations, like the electric dandelions by art collective Liquid PXL, with its bursts of light that shine like lingering fireworks across the river and glow like supernovae in slow motion when viewed from meters below, along from the downtown Napa waterfront.

The Napa Lighted Art Festival is free, walkable, and safe to gather. The eight lighted art sculptures are located outdoors in open gathering spaces throughout downtown Napa. For those looking for an opportunity to enjoy a safe return to public space, the thoughtful placement of facilities leaves plenty of room for social distancing groups.

According to the City of Napa website, “The Napa Lighted Art Festival is a celebration of creative arts, technology, lights and supports innovative techniques using light and light technologies as a medium for art in full growth.”

What it is, is amazing, playful and worth seeing. Eight lighted art sculptures line the waterfront or are scattered around the city center, comprising both Instagrammable moments and more contemplative possibilities.

An informal survey of light-lovers during my visit revealed a distinct sense of joy, not only with the specific installations, but also with the arrangement of the works around the city centre.

Walkers really liked that the artwork was scattered all over downtown, saying, “You had to find it” and “You were never quite sure where one would appear.”

Since the installations are all in public spaces, they can be enjoyed by all passers-by, a fact appreciated by art lovers.

It was noted that since many installations go through a circle of colors and patterns, it was easy to settle into a place and appreciate the art at a slower pace. Enjoying the full cycle takes time. “It gives us a chance to practice a little patience,” said a seated spectator.

In part, the intention behind the Napa Lighted Art Festival is to be contemporary and inspiring, and what could be more inspiring at this time than to come together in the glow of a shared artistic experience?

Perhaps the most dramatic stretch is the series of light sculptures along the river, which includes the electric dandelionsfrom the art collective Liquid PXL, as well as the other world Light shapes (photo), by abstract construction duo HYBYCOZO.

According to the organisers, “several [the artists] visit during the festival [where they are] available for a more intimate perspective on their journey, their artistic process, the story behind their installation, and any other questions you may have for them.

The Napa Lighted Art Festival runs through March 13. Learn more about
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