New executive position for the Arts Division

UC Santa Cruz Dean of Arts Division Dr. Celine Parreñas Shimizu has appointed art professor Dee Hibbert-Jones as Associate Dean of Research, Exhibition and Engagement, a newly created leadership position for the advancement of artistic research, creative practice and audience engagement at UCSC.

Hibbert-Jones will act as the head of the arts division on research, exhibition and engagement, acting as a connection point between the Institute for artistic research (ARI), the Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS), the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery, the faculty and the dean’s office. One of Hibbert-Jones’ priorities will be to raise the profile and increase the impact of the arts on campus, in the community and region, and beyond.

“The new Associate Dean of Research, Exhibition and Engagement will bring greater visibility to UCSC’s strong arts division research program as well as exhibition practices that extend our impact across beyond campus while amplifying regional and global collaborations of our faculty and students,” says Parreñas Shimizu. “I created this new position so that we can develop arts faculty leaders in university administration and provide a model of shared leadership in the arts division. »

Hibbert-Jones, who founded UCSC’s Center for Social Practice Arts Research and is currently ARI’s faculty director, has a long history of leadership in the arts division, having served to numerous college and departmental committees. In addition to being a Senior Art Professor, she is an Affiliate Professor in Film and Digital Media, Digital Arts and New Media, and Legal Studies.

His work also extends well beyond campus. Hibbert-Jones is an Oscar®-nominated, Emmy®-winning, and Guggenheim Prize-winning filmmaker and artist. She collaborates with Nomi Talisman on innovative animated film, art and new media projects on issues of access and inequality, particularly as they relate to criminal justice, racial equity and infrastructure. social. Hibbert-Jones received a United States Congressional Black Caucus Veterans Intellectual Trust Award in recognition of his outstanding national commitment to civil rights and social justice, and a California Public Defenders Gideon Award for his support of indigent minorities, with Nomi Talisman. She has served on countless government, foundation, non-profit and for-profit juries and boards in the fields of art, film and academia.

“Award-winning interdisciplinary arts thinker and practitioner, Dee Hibbert-Jones exemplifies the generosity of our faculty who are known for nurturing our students with the belief that they can make key contributions to their disciplines, but also for professors can be encouraged to obtain the most important grants to support their meritorious research,” says Parreñas Shimizu. “She has a vision to strengthen our research outcomes through her ability to inspire faculty and students, bring people together, find resources, and build relationships that support our research enterprise. All of this will amplify the social impact and commitment that our campus historically pursues and showcases.

“The opportunity to work with my colleagues to envision and integrate UCSC’s arts programming and research into a cohesive whole is extremely exciting to me,” says Hibbert-Jones. “There are so many brilliant minds here – our research is constantly experimental and innovative. I see this position as an opportunity to reflect the depth of talent in the arts at UCSC. Together with Dean Céline Parreñas Shimizu, Rachel Nelson at IAS, Holly Unruh at ARI and Louise Leong at Sesnon, we will work to ensure our exceptional resources are fully utilized by our faculty and students, increase the visibility of the wealth of talent and engage deeply with our community and the public.”

As the first Associate Dean of Research, Exposure and Engagement, Hibbert-Jones joins music professor Karlton Hester, recently appointed to the first position of Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Engagement. inclusion, and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs Larry Andrews on Dean Celine Parreñas Shimizu’s new leadership team. Together, the group will work to reshape arts education at UCSC in a way that prioritizes the promotion of faculty well-being, research funding, and mentorship, while addressing pressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, impactful research, and engagement and leadership. regional and global exposure.

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