Peacock will become the next day streaming home for NBC shows starting September 19

Previously, only Bravo content was available this way, but now all of your favorite NBC shows will also be accessible the next day, including the upcoming “Quantum Leap” reboot. NBC stuff used to air on Hulu, but that deal is coming to an end and NBC shows are returning to Universal’s own streaming platform.

To entice new subscribers to their paid upgrade, Peacock will be running a special sale where you can subscribe for just $1.99 per month, or an even better deal with $19.99 for a full year if you prepay. .

This low intro rate is a common strategy with streaming services. If you have things you want to watch, then take advantage of these prices now because, if they follow the path blazed by Netflix and Disney+, these prices won’t stay this low for long.

NBC’s ace in the hole is their live sports, so I’m sure there will be plenty of sports fans signing up since NBC has Football, NASCAR, Baseball, Soccer, and more.

For movie buffs, Peacock will also debut on “Halloween Ends” day and date with theaters, and they’ll soon have the “Pitch Perfect” spinoff, if that’s your thing. And, of course, their back catalog comes with every episode of “The Office” worth $19.99 for a full year of access on its own.

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