Penn State Athletics Unveils App Feature to Create Synchronized Light Shows

You’re not the only thing that will light up on game days.

Penn State Athletics recently unveiled an in-app feature that allows fans to sync their phones with a scheduled light show.

In the past, fans have pulled out their phones and turned on the flashlight to play “All of the Lights.” The app’s new feature takes this idea to a whole new level.

To participate in the light show, you must first download the Penn State Athletics app. Better to do it now so you don’t have to fight for cell service on game day.

Be sure to download the new app which says “Nittany Lions” and not the old app which says “PennStateAthetics”. You can download the correct here.

To participate in the light show, you need to enable microphone and camera permission.

Once you launch the app on your phone, navigate to the button that says “Lions Lights”. An event coordinator will let you know when the show is ready to begin, and the program will take over from there to create the light show.

There’s even a feature to take photos and videos while the light show is happening.

It’s unclear whether Beaver Stadium will use the new feature on Saturday’s game day, but Athletics have used it for a number of sporting events this year, including last week’s volleyball game.

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