Popular creators of children’s shows begin producing shows at the Grand Rapids studio

A popular children’s show calls Grand Rapids home.

Wimeethe adorable robot, opens a studio and a shop that everyone can visit.

Wednesday, Wimee and its creators completed the last show for PBS.

“So we discovered tigers, and the kids at home were able to create tigers and share their inspiration behind tiger creativity,” creator Michael Hyacinthe told FOX 17.

And now people can see Wimee in action inside the Ledyard building on Ottawa Avenue in Grand Rapids.

“We really wanted to be downtown. We know downtown is where a lot of things happen in the community,” Hyacinthe said.

Recently, the creators of Wimee Hyacinthe and Kevin Kammeraad received an $18,000 grant to make this place a reality.

“One of the things that I really liked was that it was something for kids in downtown Grand Rapids,” said Richard App, Grand Rapids artist and retention and retail attraction.

The educational children’s show was born in response to the pandemic.

Wimee’s words encourages imagination, vocabulary building and storytelling.

Children and parents can get involved with Wimee’s app, Wimage.

“So they can instantly type into the app and see that the words become an image, and throughout that process, Wimee is actually guiding them through that visual storytelling process,” Hyacinthe said.

The story of Hyacinthe and Kammeraad continues to grow.

“Luckily Michigan PBS found out about us, and they loved the work we did there. They love the character. And they asked us to create episodes for them. New York, LA, and we’re expanding to other PBS stations across the country,” Hyacinthe said.

Hyacinthe says they are open to visitors by appointment, but in a few weeks anyone can enter.

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