Salt Lake City Arts Council awards more than $225,000 in grants to local artists and organizations

Salt Lake City – The Salt Lake City Arts Council has awarded ten local artists and twelve Salt Lake City nonprofit arts organizations more than $225,000 as part of the $500,000 U.S. Rescue Plan grant granted to the Arts Council by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to help the arts and culture sector recover from the global COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2021, the Board of the Arts Council reviewed seventy grant applications and recommended funding to selected artists and organizations.

Artist Career Empowerment Grant
Ten local artists received $15,000 each to produce a large-scale art project in Salt Lake City. Projects range from an art exhibit about redefining Latinx art and artists, an opera about domestic violence portrayed by the many different people who experience violence in our community, an outdoor dance performance that explores local flora and fauna, and many more.

“This is the largest award the Salt Lake Arts Council has ever given to individual artists,” said Taylor Knuth, Deputy Director of the Salt Lake City Arts Council. “We hope the support will bring stability and empowerment to these artists in their careers.”

Racial Equity and Inclusion Grant for Arts Organizations
The Racial Equity and Inclusion Grant was awarded to twelve Salt Lake City nonprofit arts organizations that lead the region in programming that promotes and shares the stories of historically marginalized communities. The projects supported by this grant bring the voices of marginalized people to the fore.

The Salt Lake City Arts Council awards funds to organizations and individual artists each year through the city’s Arts Grants Program. This year alone, approximately 130 grants were awarded for a total of approximately $609,000. There will be a second round of grants this fall for the remaining $225,000 of AEN funding. Interested applicants are encouraged to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on current information regarding our City Arts Grant program and all other programs.

For more information about the Salt Lake City Arts Council’s City Arts Grant Program, please contact Susan Campbell at [email protected] or visit

The Salt Lake City Arts Council’s mission is to promote, showcase and support artists and arts organizations in order to facilitate the development of the arts and expand awareness, access and engagement.

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