The 44th Annual Lubbock Arts Festival is back and bigger than ever

The Lubbock Arts Festival is back by popular demand for its 44th annual celebration.

The Lubbock Arts Alliance will host the two-day event next weekend, April 9-10, at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, with a Friday night premiere.

Lubbock Arts Alliance executive director Elizabeth Grigsby said the arts festival is “back and bigger than ever” and attendees can expect to see art in all its forms over the weekend. next end.

“You’re still going to see artists from across the country, showing and selling their artwork, you’re going to see performance stages with actors, singers and dancers. We have this great kids space with all these free art activities, great selfie stations,” Grigsby said.

This is the first time the festival will return to “normal” after COVID-19 restrictions forced virtual or canceled events. The director said this year’s theme is patriotic – “A Red, White and Blue Celebration” – to honor our country and the brave men and women who serve it.

The Lubbock Arts Festival goes “out of this world!”

“It’s been a really tough two years,” Grigsby said. “This arts festival is a recognition of the resilience, not only of the people of Lubbock, but also of the people of our country.”

The Lubbock Arts Alliance is dedicated to making things fun and affordable for everyone. Adult tickets will cost $5 and children under 12 will enter for free.

More information is available on the organization’s website,

In addition to all the artistic talent on display, there will be a First Night on Friday, with tickets on sale at $40, the Bal Marcia on Saturday, with tickets at $20, and a Wine Tasting on Sunday, April 10. , with tickets for $20 as well.

The longtime event coordinator said she had a two-part goal and hopes it will be achieved through this year’s festival.

“We want people to develop an appreciation for the arts, we want them to be educated in the arts. We want them to go out and see something or hear something that brings joy to their soul,” Grigsby said with a smile. “We want them to realize that we are very lucky to live in this community and to live in this country, so let’s celebrate these good things!”

The festival will feature artists like Suzie “Pal” Powell and Ramona Otto, both known for their patriotic masterpieces.

As a self-taught artist, Powell became recognized for her watercolors and her signature, “Suzie Pal.” Powell signs her works like this because when she first started dating her husband, they were writing letters while he was serving in the US Navy, and he would sign her letters “Pal”.

To contribute to the American theme, there will be an exhibition of California artwork by Ramona Otto. “Do these stripes make me look political? by Otto. is his love letter to our country. The majority of the exhibits are flags that she created from found materials like stamps, keys, trinkets, etc.

Grigsby said Otto’s works are eye-catching and captivating.

“His art is very whimsical, it’s very ironic, but it’s a love letter to his country,” Grigsby said. “Just to see the care and work this woman puts into it is just amazing.”

Grigsby said Otto and Powell will be at the festival to meet people.

Grigsby, an art enthusiast, described how impactful it is to see artists show the confidence and bravery to share their works with others and that they “deserve recognition for their efforts”.

“Art is an expression of the person who creates it, so whether it’s a painting, pottery, or jewelry, whether it’s someone singing, playing, or dancing, it’s special to see people sharing this with others,” Grigsby said.

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