The concerts are back! Our selection of five shows not to be missed in April

April 7,
Luna Park marquee

Benee is a confident and charming performer who has already made a big impact.Credit:Rick Clifford

Auckland’s Benee has had such an impact at every stage of his ever-blooming career that it might seem ominous and unsustainable. She’s an artist who dominated the 2019 New Zealand Music Awards at first sight as a teenager with a handful of wondrous alt-pop tunes to her name (including the sublime tempered) and then hit the stratosphere when TikTok users around the world realized you could get creative by dancing to the most fun and upbeat ones (like supalone and Shine). Luckily, Benee doesn’t seem too worried about overtaking past hits, continuing to focus on quality rather than actively chasing viral hits as she works her way through the latest EP. Litchi – which is as luscious and refreshing as the name suggests. Having seen her perform in both small venues and festivals back when “Corona” meant “Mexican beer”, we can confirm that she is also a confident and charming performer.

Hoodoo Gurus with the Dandy Warhols
April 12 – 13
Hordern Pavilion

Bona fide local heroes, the Hoodoo Gurus, seem remarkably vital.

Bona fide local heroes, the Hoodoo Gurus, seem remarkably vital.Credit:

Imagine my surprise when, at half-time at the AFL Sydney derby a few weeks ago, 20th century rockers Hoodoo Gurus not only appeared on a stage in the corner of the stadium, but also looked remarkably vital as they composed a song for their first album in 12 years, Chariot of the Godsfollowed by the vintage favorite Like Wow – Wipeout! For this pandemic-postponed tour, they are belatedly celebrating their 40th anniversary, while their special guests — Portland, Oregon’s Independent Adventurers The Dandy Warhols — will finally be able to commemorate their 25th year together. The Dandies are notorious for taking self-indulgent tangents on their own flagship shows, but here, opening for true local heroes in Hoodoo Gurus, they’ll hopefully perform and give you everything you want to hear – of Not if you were the last junkie on earth for Bohemian like you and beyond.

Without cage,
April 23
Hordern Pavilion and surrounds

Andrew Stockdale and Wolfmother will headline Uncaged Festival.

Andrew Stockdale and Wolfmother will headline Uncaged Festival. Credit:

Could this really happen? A real music festival in New South Wales? With heavy rain reducing Newtown’s King Street Carnival to venues only, and Wollongong’s Yours & Owls being canceled in anticipation of a washout, one can only hope nothing stands in the way of Uncaged. It’s a celebration of hard rock from the antipodes headlined by Wolfmother – always best-loved for its raunchy self-titled debut in 2005, but which has nonetheless persevered through various iterations led by co-founder Andrew Stockdale – with many more heavyweights later in the poster. There are alternative artists such as the powerful Magic Dirt, the evergreen You Am I and the much-loved Kiwis Shihad, metal troublemakers (with suitably excellent names) including Twelve Foot Ninja and Caligula’s Horse, as well as a heaps of new acts to investigate the scenes in and around the Hordern.

Wolf Alice
April 26
Luna Park marquee

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