The Guyana Prize for Literature returns – Guyana Newsroom

Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Charles Ramson announced on Friday that the Guyana Literature Prize would officially return after being axed under the previous administration.

The announcement was made during the Cultural and Creative Industries Grants Awards Ceremony at the National Cultural Center on Friday.

Several winners from across Guyana have received cash grants to market their original cultural and creative projects. Individuals have received grants of up to $1 million to launch initiatives in areas such as music, art, fashion, literature, photography and animation.

Cultural and Creative Industries grant winners pose with Minister for Culture, Youth and Sport Charles Ramson (Photo: Keno George)

Applicants were required to submit a detailed proposal to the ministry no later than December 26, 2021, as announced on the ministry’s Facebook page.

Minister Ramson, in an invited comment to the Press room, shared that his thinking behind the resurrection of the award was part of an overall framework to provide a cocoon for homegrown talent to flourish and grow into something special.

Citing that Guyana’s identity as a people is vital for development, ensuring an increase in national pride and reputation, the Minister believes that Guyana has a unique culture to show the world.

He further stated that “it was unjustifiable” that the previous administration removed the award because “you want writers to be able to explore their art form.”

The department’s technical head of culture, Ruel Johnson, shared that the prize represented young and emerging writers “and was an essential first step in gaining access to the wider literary world and recognition around the world”.

Johnson further shared that the award will be restarted and improved to “make it aligned and more diverse with the rest of festivals like Bocas Lit Fest in Trinidad and Calabash in Jamaica.”

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