The Masked Singer Tour cancels final shows due to COVID-19

The Masked Singer Tour has been entertaining fans across the country since May, but unfortunately the tour has canceled its final dates due to COVID-19.

It is a wrap for The Masked Singer National tour, as the show’s final dates have been canceled due to COVID-19. The popular series took its show on the road in May after initially postponing it due to the pandemic. Prior to its cancellation, the tour visited cities across the United States, including Syracuse, Atlanta and Orlando. Each show hosted fan-favorite costumes from the show, such as Alien from season 1, Robot from season 3, and Pepper from season 6, who was revealed as none other than tour host Natasha Bedingfield. .

The tour also introduced a new character named Boom Boom Box. The Masked Singer The character on the tour was a brown, furry, 80s-style arrowbox who traveled from town to town, and each night was revealed as a different surprise guest. Each surprise guest was unique to the city they were performing in and would be unmasked at the end of the concert, similar to how things play out on the show. Some of the more notable surprise guests were 98 Degrees member Drew Lachey, american idol winners Maddie Poppe and Taylor Hicks, and The single person Season 26 star Clayton Echard. Other guests included local radio hosts, news anchors and even a few athletes.


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While fans loved the show, with only 10 dates remaining, the tour unfortunately had to be cut short. The Masked Singer Round announced on their official Instagram account that due to the ongoing pandemic, they had to cancel the final shows. The account wrote: “Despite our best efforts, Covid has made it impossible for The Masked Singer to tour nationally on the following dates.The account then listed the last 10 dates of the tour. The show was planning to end its tour in Las Vegas, where it would likely have had an electric show with an amazing surprise guest. The tour will also miss the chance to stop. in big cities like Salt Lake City and Los Angelos.

Fans flooded the comments sharing their disappointment but understanding why they made the decision to end the show. “Too bad but understand. I hope everyone is well soon,“wrote a fan. Fortunately, fans of the series only have to wait two months for The Masked Singer to return to their television screens as the FOX series announced the premiere of its eighth season on September 21. The show is set to welcome back host Nick Cannon as well as panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger. The tour narrative did not specify how many crew members were infected, but Natasha shared on social media that she unfortunately tested positive.

The cancellation is a huge disappointment for fans who had already purchased tickets, but thankfully they will be refunded for the canceled dates. It would have been great to see who else was hiding behind the Boom Boom Box costume, but safety always comes first, and The Masked Singer made the right decision in ending the tour. The cancellation could mean fans are getting even more impatient as they wait for Season 8 to begin, but luckily the show will be airing again before they know it. With a bit of luck, The Masked Singer is ready to wow fans with unexpected masked celebrities in order to catch up after the tour’s early conclusion.

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Source: The Masked Singers Tour/Instagram

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