Tony Boll ’17 releases a new single • Writing, literature and language • Marymount Manhattan College

Tony Boll, who graduated in 2017 with a degree in English and World Literature and a minor in Creative Writing, recently collaborated with Professor Jerry Williams on his band’s latest single, “Girl I Need to Know.”

Tony’s band The Flops have been active since 2019, but the collaboration with Professor Williams is new.

“This song was originally written as a poem by my former teacher and friend, Dr. Jerry Williams,” Tony told Hannah Dekle for an article in Atwood magazine. “He took it out of his ‘stuff box’ for me to use as a song, and with a few tweaks the song took on the shape it has today. We laid the track down at Panorama Studios with producer Jake Policky and guest saxophonist Caleb Dance, who improvised the entire track in one take.

The Flops have released an album, an EP and four singles. With each release, they lean into their grungy, alt-rock vibe. “Girl I Need to Know” is no exception, expanding the band’s lineup with this sweet saxophone track and elegant lyrics by Dr. Williams.

With more music to come and a tour scheduled for the end of January, it looks like this band is well on its way to becoming a true indie darling. Congratulations, Tony!

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