Video shows a physical confrontation between Chicago Heights Middle School administrators and a 7th grader

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. (WLS) — Two parents of a 12-year-old Chicago Heights student want answers after they say there was a physical confrontation between two school administrators and their daughter.

“It’s painful as a father, to see kids talking about certain teachers smothering my baby,” Cornelius Dawson said.

“It’s sad to see teachers go this far for physical strength,” said Carletta Dawson. “Two grown men are attacking my baby, seeing this is just devastating.”

They want Chicago Heights Middle School to release school security camera video of the entire incident that happened about two weeks ago. Since then, video of the incident captured inside the bus on a classmate’s cellphone has surfaced.

The family said the trouble started after the bus the student was on returned to school after two other students created a commotion. One of these children is the older sister of the girl in the video.

Dawson family attorney Cannon Lambert said after the girl got off the bus and then turned to her friends, cellphone video shows the principal and vice principal grabbing her with force and pulling him away from the bus.

The young girl is then seen being restrained on the ground by the two administrators.

The principal and deputy principal have been suspended pending the outcome of an internal district investigation.

Lambert said the family is ready to take legal action for justice and the truth, and wants criminal charges to be brought.

“If you’re going to say to yourself that you don’t want a culture where teachers attack students, then stand up and suggest that these two individuals be prosecuted. Because they should be. It was a battery.” , did he declare.

Lambert said none of the students involved had been disciplined in any way. The Dawson family said their daughter had A’s and B’s and never had discipline issues and was traumatized by the incident.

“What am I supposed to do with my baby now?” wondered Carletta Dawson. “So she’s supposed to go to school in fear?”

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