Video shows interrogation of Jacksonville rapper charged in 2 separate murder cases

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – A Jacksonville rapper charged with two separate murders is back in the news after video of a police interrogation of Hakeem Robinson began generating chatter online.

News4JAX obtained this March 2021 interrogation video that shows Robinson, also known as rapper Ksoo, in a room being questioned by Jacksonville investigators.

The video, posted to YouTube by Crime Circus, begins with Robinson being escorted into the room before a detective orders him to sit down.

“He’s a mad man,” Robinson said.

He was set to be released from prison after being arrested in connection with the 2020 murder of Charles McCormick.

Robinson can be heard repeatedly saying he is aggravated before walking into the room and knocking on the door.

The detectives then return to the room and begin discussing Robinson’s rights.

“He says you don’t have to make a statement or anything, you understand that,” the detective said. Robinson accepts.

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Then the detective asks Robinson if he is from Jacksonville.

Robinson answers the detective’s question with his own question: “May I ask why I’m here,” Robinson said.

“I’ll tell you in a second,” the detective said. “Are you from Jacksonville?”

Robinson repeats his question. Then the detective tells him that they are working on a homicide investigation.

“You are here as part of a homicide investigation that we are conducting,” the detective said.

The detective then pulls out footage, which was blurred out in the video, to show Robinson.

“Do you know who it is?” asked the detective.

“No, sir,” Robinson said.

The detective goes on to identify the person in the footage.

“Bibby called you?” said the detective.

Robinson then asks to speak to his lawyer, and the detective reveals that there is a warrant for Robinson’s arrest.

Robinson looks shocked and asks “for what?”

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“You know you want your lawyer so I can’t tell you more, but you’re charged,” the detective said.

Records show the second-degree murder warrant was for the 2019 death of 16-year-old Adrian Gainer. Robinson made several rap videos poking fun at Gainer’s death. In them, he refers to Gainer as Bibby.

Investigators said Robinson is a documented gang member with ties to the violent ATK gang.

Robinson remains in the Duval County Jail awaiting trial on the two separate murder charges. His next court date is August 31.

Robinson’s father, Abdul Robinson Sr., was called as a witness for the prosecution.

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