Viral Video Shows Huge Fireworks Burst On Family’s Lawn And Even Their Van Explodes

A DIY fireworks display turned into a massive explosion outside a family’s home, in a chilling moment that has now gone viral.

The 31-second video was captured on a SimpliSafe surveillance camera at the front of a house, and it shows just how bad things can get when you leave your fireworks next to your vehicle.

This article contains content that may disturb some of our readers.

The video was posted on Reddit and Twitter and has gone mega-viral since July 4, with over 14 million views on Twitter alone.

It’s not clear from the video what injuries the family may have suffered, but the video itself is an intense journey.

In the video, a dozen people – including children – can be seen sitting on lawn chairs in the front yard of a suburban home. The fish-eye view shows that a few of the dads have set up a fireworks launcher on the sidewalk of the street, and on the right you can see a pile of fireworks piled up just behind a van in the street. ‘aisle.

A few men stand around the launcher and light it. One of them then makes a total dad joke as he walks away shouting “Run!” in a funny voice.

The fireworks start to burn, then shoot a bunch of fiery sparks across the lawn and down the driveway. One of the sparks appears to hit someone in the lawn chairs.

A woman screams, then a child near the van screams at the sound of another firework erupting behind him – right next to the van.

The adults look confused for a moment. Then a fireball erupts behind the van, and within seconds a giant fireball explodes right behind one of the men as he flees.

Everyone can be seen running and then taking cover from the rapid explosions, and the video ends with a thick cloud of smoke and patches of fire all over the lawn.

It is not known when or where exactly the incident occurred. Twitter user @new_orleansjazz posted the clip on Tuesday, but he said he simply found it on Reddit and re-shared it.

We reached out to Reddit to find out when the video was first posted.

Injuries and deaths related to fireworks have been on the rise for several years, according to a US Consumer Product Safety Commission. report published before Independence Day. Nine people were killed and around 11,500 were injured last year alone, according to the report.

Figures for 2022 have yet to be counted.

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