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Are you one of the many Netflix subscribers addicted to the twisted psychological thriller You? The show has been a major success for the streamer, ever since he moved from his original home to Lifetime. After three seasons, are you looking for more shows like yourself?

You (apparently) follow the charming bookstore manager Joe as he takes an interest in Beck, an aspiring writer he one day meets at work. What at first glance looks like a romantic encounter, typical of many romantic comedies, quickly turns spooky. Joe begins to hunt down his new crush, switching to violence to make sure they can be together. As he tries to get back on track over the following seasons, Joe falls back into his old patterns.

Read on for a list of 10 shows like You (in various ways and to varying degrees) that you can now watch on different streaming platforms.


Dexter shows like you

Showtime’s Dexter effectively kicked off a whole subgenre of TV antiheroes. Dexter Morgan is a forensic technician in Miami specializing in the analysis of blood splatters. This is only half the goal of the series, however. Dexter is also a serial killer with sociopathic tendencies. He has an irrepressible urge to kill, but feels no remorse. He has a pattern and a plan though.

With the help of his sympathetic adoptive father, Dexter developed a system in which he only targets those guilty of heinous crimes and who have escaped justice. When the system fails, Dexter steps in. But that doesn’t mean he can hide in plain sight forever. Dexter finds it difficult to maintain healthy relationships and keep his extracurricular activities a secret.

Hannibal shows like you

If what you love is getting into the head of a dangerous madman, you can’t do better than Hannibal. The show, adapted from Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter novels, traces the relationship between cannibal psychiatrist and criminal profiler Will Graham. Creator and showrunner Bryan Fuller makes us brilliantly care about Hannibal and his relationship with the people who try to catch the Chesapeake Ripper. They just don’t know that their friend and colleague is actually the serial killer they are looking for.

Plus, Will and Hannibal’s relationship is a quivering subtextual romance. After all, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Motel Bates

Norman Bates is probably the quintessential scary killer of women. Portrayed by Anthony Perkins in Alfred Hitchcock’s genre-defining classic Psycho, we haven’t had much information on how the Killer Mind works. The Bates Motel prequel / reboot A&E series changes that.

Here we see the iconic villain (with his equally iconic mother by his side) cropped as the protagonist of his own story. We see how an innocent boy slowly becomes a killer as his sanity deteriorates through the seasons, making it a show like you worth looking for.

Tell me your secrets

Amazon’s 2021 series, Tell Me Your Secrets, felt like it came out of nowhere and vanished as silently as it arrived. Hopefully there will be a second season, because the first was a knockout, with terrific performances from Hamish Linklater, Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman, Enrique Murciano and Elliot Fletcher.

The series follows deeply flawed characters, including a former serial predator seeking redemption, a woman with a dark past and linked to another predator, and a mother mourning the loss of her daughter. The paths of the three characters collide as they search for their own answers and quickly spiral out of control.

Killing Eve shows like you

Similar to Hannibal, Killing Eve is sort of a twisted love story between a dangerous killer and the intelligence officer trying to catch him. The British spy thriller sees MI6 investigator Eve on the hunt for international assassin Villanelle. As she gets closer to her target, the two women develop an obsession with each other. The need to stop Villanelle gives way to a more personal relationship, as Eve realizes that she may not have said everything about her mission.

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Shows Like You

The original Gossip Girl might look odd among shows like You. Aside from sharing lead man Penn Badgley, the two shows don’t have much in common on the surface. But dig a little deeper and it’s easy to see yourself as a very conscious deconstruction of Gossip Girl, or at least Badgley’s character Dan Humphrey.

Dan is, as we finally learn, the titular Gossip Girl. This means that, like Joe, Dan narrates much of the series and does so in a critical and voyeuristic way as well. Dan is the typical “nice guy” from old-fashioned television. He’s a self-righteous stranger who despises his peers, even when they include him and he gets the girl. You’re effectively telling us to be careful with your type, correcting tropes that confuse creepy obsession with romance.

Dirty Jean

The real crime boom has led to many shows like You that expose the motives of creepy people hiding in plain sight. One such example is Dirty John, based on the shocking true story and the podcast of the same name.

Single mom thinks she’s found the perfect man and a second chance to love online. But as she gets closer to the man of her dreams, she and her children slowly begin to see a darker side of him. Is it all a case of mistaken identity, or has she discovered a dark, violent and manipulative double life? And are she and her children in danger?

Behind his eyes

Behind her eyes shows like you

Behind Her Eyes follows Louise, a single mother who embarks on an affair with her married boss. Things get complicated when she develops an unlikely friendship with his wife.

Major narrative twists make this series interesting, as Louise learns more about the couple, with grim revelations putting her in danger, as she realizes that no one is quite what it seems – and that triangle. lover threatens to become mortal.

The fall

The fall

Like many titles on this list, The Fall tells the story of two conflicting characters: a vicious serial killer and the investigator hired to find and catch him. The killer is a family man leading a double life. Like Joe in You, he hides in plain sight and relies on preconceived notions about the kind of person who commits such horrific crimes. But the woman on his trail is experienced in this sort of thing and won’t stop until she gets her man.

Fall is a great choice if you’re looking for shows like you – or if you’re just looking for an excuse to watch the incomparable Gillian Anderson.

The foreigner

The foreigner

In this Netflix 2020 miniseries, a mysterious stranger approaches a happy family man with grim revelations about his wife. After he tries to confront his wife about it, she disappears. As the series progresses, the unknown approaches more people. She shares other secrets, revealing hidden lives, elaborate cover-ups and duplicity, all with devastating consequences for those who hear them and those in their sockets.

Like you, The Stranger delves into people’s double lives, presenting themselves as one-sided while hiding sometimes shocking secrets, even from the people they love.

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Netflix is ​​still the number one premium streaming service, with over 200 million subscribers worldwide. It has thousands of movies and TV shows to watch, including its ever-growing list of original movies and series including Stranger Things, The Witcher, Bridgerton and many more.


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