What to watch after the success of Showtime

With huge peaks in episode-to-episode audiences and a well-deserved season renewal, Showtime’s Yellowjackets are a major win for the cable network and a standout for its streaming division. With the first season coming to an end, what should you watch once you’ve all caught up and want more shows like Yellowjackets?

It’s not hard to see why the show resonates. In Yellowjackets, a high school football team was stranded in the wild in 1996 when their plane crashed on the way to a national tournament. Through time jumps, we learn that the girls end up falling into Lord of the Flies group madness, with more than a few hints of the supernatural. In the first episode, we get glimpses of ritual killings and cannibalism from months after the crash. Nowadays, we are catching up with the survivors. As they strive to put the past behind them, reminders of the forest creep into their lives, bringing them together.

If this sounds like your type of show, check out the link below to watch Yellowjackets on Showtime. If you’re already a fan, read on to find out what to watch next.


Always from Lost - shows like yellow vests

Yellowjackets really are its own thing in a lot of ways, and comparing it to Lost as it features plane crash survivors seems a bit easy. Still, the basic format of both shows is important and there is a lot of overlap. Most notably, both shows feature a series of mysteries, with a slow-boiling plot and hints of the occult. They jump between timelines to use the dynamics between survivors to explore their past (and future) lives in civilization.

Lost is probably the most predictable title among shows like Yellowjackets, and it’s definitely worth a look.

The foreigner

The Outsider, based on the Stephen King novel, might not be the most obvious choice among shows like Yellowjackets. Still, it has a few notable similarities, including a slow reveal of supernatural horror. One episode of the HBO miniseries is directed by Karyn Kusama, who produces and directs the first two episodes of Yellowjackets, setting the overall tone for the series.

When a child is brutally murdered, all signs point to their Little League coach. The only problem is, the man has a tight alibi. So how can a man be in two places at once? This twisted thriller is a clever, disturbing take on an investigation that requires faith in something too frightening to be accepted.

Pretty Little Liars - shows like Yellowjackets

by Vox Constance Grady called the Yellowjackets a prestige Pretty Little Liars. Of course, this latest show’s reputation as a trashy soap opera doesn’t quite live up to the Yellowjackets’ high cultural cachet, but both titles deal with similar mysteries. Namely, who died, who is responsible and who blackmails those in the know?

Pretty Little Liars is perhaps more camper than Yellowjackets and a lot less invested in the body horror and harshness of survival that has inspired a lot of talk around the Showtime series. However, it still ranks as a show like Yellowjackets worth watching if you’re looking for more teen interpersonal drama and mystery.

The Savages

Always nature on Amazon

Perhaps the most obvious counterpart to Yellowjackets, Amazon Prime Video’s The Wilds also sees a group of teenage girls stranded after a plane crash. It also similarly offers flashbacks to their past lives before the crash, allowing the show to blend the larger struggles of adolescence with the larger horrors of being stranded on a remote island. As the girls find their bearings, they begin to realize that maybe they didn’t just end up together at random and that the accident may be part of a bigger plan for them.


Euphoria - shows like yellow vests

One of the strongest elements of Yellowjackets is its portrayal of teenage girls. There are no easy types to fall back on when each character is richly developed and fully three-dimensional. That’s why Euphoria, HBO’s premium teen drama, is a perfect choice among shows like Yellowjackets.

Critically and commercially successful, Euphoria offers an unvarnished look at Californian teens facing addiction, mental health, gender, young love, sexual violence, and all that comes with age and does. to find oneself on the threshold of adulthood.

The 100

Still from season 100

The 100 is a story set in the distant future as a result of nuclear armageddon. It doesn’t immediately make it sound like a show like Yellowjackets, but listen to me. Yellowjackets is a show about young people struggling to survive in a hostile environment, at least in part. The 100 also sees a group of young people sent back to Earth from their orbiting space station.

Their job is to test if Earth is still habitable, and they have to deal with all of their teenage issues along the way. Like the horror setting in Yellowjackets, the sci-fi backdrop is really a way to get into a human story about the messy business of growing up.

Friday Night Lights - shows like yellow vests

If you’re looking for shows about teens playing sports, it would be a crime not to include the critically acclaimed teen soap Friday Night Lights. Is it a serious horror show about teens doing what is necessary to survive a disaster, complete with time jumps and mysteries? Well no. Definitely not. But it’s a show about team dynamics, maturity and the pressures of competitive sports on young people.

Friday Night Lights follows coach Eric Taylor, his family and team to the rural town of Dillon, Texas, where high school football is a way of life and a major symbol of the town’s pride and identity. .

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