Why Raworths is extending its partnership with the Harrogate Literature Festival for another five years: Simon Morris

Sharon Canavar of the Harrogate Literature Festival with Simon Morris

Raworths has been an important institution in Harrogate for over 125 years, established at a time of growth for our Victorian spa town, as it became a destination that brought people together for culture and relaxation.

Harrogate International Festivals (HIF) is a more recent addition, bringing the community a variety of music and events for over 55 years.

Ten years ago we made the decision to partner with the HIF team to launch the Raworths Harrogate Literature Festival, which has established itself as one of the leading literary festivals in the country, attracting best-selling authors, politicians, comedians and stars of stage and screen here in our city to share their stories. At the time, it was a way for us to engage with culture in the city and to engage with our local community by supporting this new literary event.

We were looking for an event to champion that resonates with our customers, our employees and our values ​​as a company. Being part of and contributing to our local community is important to us. Literature was the obvious choice.

Over the past ten years, the partnership has grown and working together has become more important for everyone involved. For us, as a company, this is our corporate social responsibility – which we take extremely seriously, but it is also about giving our team something more meaningful in their workplace. .

Since the pandemic, it has become clear that employees are looking for a more balanced work environment, somewhere that focuses on their overall well-being.

Our partnership with the Festival of Literature shows that we provide – and expect – our employees a more engaged work environment where they can broaden their knowledge and build relationships with colleagues who are not only work-oriented, the Festival being regularly mentioned by potential recruits during the interview process.

Our people are looking forward to getting involved with the Festival, including the popular Raworths Reviews, with books that will be purchased as soon as HIF delivers a set of Festival titles to us.

The connection to our city through the Festival’s school outreach programs makes us all feel part of something bigger, while the diversity of writers and topics expands all of our minds.

For our customers too, it has become a favorite time of the year when they can take part in something cultural, accessible, without waiting.

Our relationships with our customers are at the heart of our business.

The Festival is a way of aligning ourselves with our customers, many of whom are significant contributors to the commercial prosperity and artistic wealth of our region, and of once again showcasing Harrogate as a place where culture brings people together.

Our involvement in the Festival is part of us now and in the future and we look forward to the next chapter.

Simon Morris is Managing Partner at Raworths Solicitors

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