Wilmer Valderrama Shows Jay Leno His Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser “That 70s Show”


Do you remember Wilbur Valderrama? This guy from This 70s show who, as Jay Leno helpfully reminds us, was not born until 1980.

While a lot happened in the ’70s, remember it was the ’69 Woodstock festival that started it all, though Leno didn’t mention it as much as he showed it, on the YouTube channel CNBC Prime, home of Jay Leno’s Garage. Hippie culture apart, meet General Motors‘Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser from the show.

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Meet Wilbur Valderrama’s Throwback Ride

The video opens with Jay Leno talking about the ’70s, from a purely automotive perspective, as he drives an oddly green Pontiac Sports Coupe, claiming it belonged to Kermit the Frog. Because if not, would the seat belt match sickly green? By the time it reaches the Valderrama Residence, which was once the home of Chuck Norris and has “holes all over it”.

But what caught Leno’s attention was the car parked in the driveway of Valderrama, a relic from the 70s and This 70s show. It’s a brown 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser that Valderrama snagged from the accessories department for just $ 500. Because this is the car that they opened the This 70s show with, the car, all the friends pile up and drive. Valderrama kept it as authentic as possible, with all the bumps and bumps still in place because it had to have something, a memory from the show. He’s moved by the car, but more because it’s a memory of the show, the one he cracked up on when he was about to turn 18. The show and the car meant that for Valderrama, who moved to the United States as an immigrant, the American dream was a reality. and achievable.

But this is not the coolest turn in Valderrama.

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Presentation, the Ford Mustang 1967 and other classics

Ford Mustang 1967 owned by Wilmer Valderrama
Via: YouTube

According to Valderrama, the Mustang 67 was a car he loved very much, so much so that it became his daily driver. It’s powerful and strong, just like Valderrama loves his classics.

But there is still more. There’s a 1951 blue Mercury that makes a great resto-mod and Valderrama’s dream car as a kid. Something he told his dad he must have and he did it after seeing the movie Cobra, with Sylvester Stallone.

Finally, Leno took a tour with his Kermit the Frog and Valderrama followed in his Mustang. And like all good men who bond over cars, they ended up making a deal. If Valderrama ever manages to play his dream role of Zorro, Sergeant Garcia’s role will now have Italian undertones. It could become Sergeant Angelino and Jay Leno, Valderrama’s crooked arm throwing him for it.

Sources: YouTube

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